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    Hello everyone, super new here (literally just joined) and I am needing some help figuring out the value and information on a certain guitar. I believe it to be a Ibanez Universe UV7PWH. Its the only guitar that looks like this other than the UV71P. However the reason I believe its the former...
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    Hi guys .my Universe is in great cosmetic condition. I want to sell some of my unused gear and I've noticed that prices on these vary a lot . $1,400.00 up to 2 grand . Curious on your opinions.
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    I am selling this fantastic instrument. This is all original, pristine condition 1991 Ibanez Universe UV77 green swirl. The only non-original item is the case - this is standard Ibanez case from early 90s. This guitar sounds unbelievable! I checked the anniversary examples. Great guitars! But...
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    I have a unique Ibanez Universe for sale that is, as far as I can tell, completely unique. It has a plan black body - not a swirl - but with a pyramid neck. Humbuckers are white with a green single coil. All parts and paintwork are original. It looks like the guitar was assembled from parts by...
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    So, I always liked John Carpenter's composition for the Michael Myers theme and with the new movie release, I decided to cover it. Had to break out the seven string for the low B chords. Happy Halloween! Having trouble embedding the video, hope just the link works.
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    Okay, i don't want to sell this, but have little other options. For sale my OOTS body, swirled in a crazy busy DNA lizard style. Alan said this was one of his favorite swirls and i agree. It's got original '91 Blaze pickups, wiring and pots, the Neck if from a 2002 Ibanez 76XX series. Original...
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    Got this body from Al at OOTS and finished the build yesterday. And I know the decal isn't where it normally is. DSCN6438 by DSCN6440 by DSCN6441 by DSCN6442 by DSCN6445 by [URL=https://flic.kr/p/LCTdiN]DSCN6449 by [URL=https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/]...
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    Dug this Uni swirl out that Al OOTS sold me a few years ago and started to clear it with 2K. Its not your typical OOTS, this one has a bit of an edge to it. P1010873 by P1010863 by P1010866 by [URL=https://flic.kr/p/KJr7Ku]P1010865 by [URL=https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/]...
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    Here is my cover of I would love too or an approximation of. On my Ibanez Universe '05 issue UV777PBK Hope you enjoy it :) youtube.com/watch?v=tDwxTNNzOig&app=desktop
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    Ibanez Universe Dimarzio paf7, Blaze, Evo7 ( include original Blaze humbuckers ) Some minor dings , including bag Will tradde for J custom , Jem
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    Finished this one recently. The amaze balls body is from Al at OOTS. DSCN5848 by DSCN5849 by DSCN5850 by DSCN5852 by DSCN5861 by [URL=https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/] [URL=https://flic.kr/p/E3WHFC][URL=https://flic.kr/p/E3WHFC]DSCN5862 by...
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    I thought I'd posted this on here but obviously I was wrong. Its a guitar of many parts. I got the body from Zak last year and started to make a neck to match. P1010109 by P1010110 by P1010107 by IMG_20150627_165452 by IMG_20150627_173132 by...
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    I'm looking for a seven string. I was originally considering an Ibanez universe but they are expensive. what other 7 string models of Ibanez would best match the quality and tone of the superior universe guitars?
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    Hello everyone and thanks for the great site about these incredible guitars, i have a very special story i'd like to share and it comes with a question too. I traded a Jem77Fp 1988 mint condition for a Universe MC in mint condition too. I was very surprised that it happened but lucky me anyway...
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    Ibanez UV777BK original mirror pickguard - where to buy in Europe? Guys, do you know where I can buy, online and in Europe, an original (Ibanez) mirror pickguard for my Ibanez UV777BK with Lo Pro Edge? I know about Rich's Ibanezrules and it has one, but since i live in Europe I would have to...
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    Selling a barely played, 9/10 condition Ibanez universe green dot. Bought last november 2013 from Long and Mcquade in Brampton Ontario. I am asking $1100. Would like to deal locally please. PM if interested and for anymore info or pics. Thanx
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    Hey Jemsite!!! The time has come that I finally decided to search for the guitar that I've wanted ever since I saw Vai's "I Would Love To" video. I am looking for an Ibanez Universe Multicolor in ANY playable condition... that includes case queens to beaters folks!! ATD or MKR, it doesn't...
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    Hi This is my first post: I have an Ibanez Universe Purple Multicolour 1994 model, Looking forward to hanging out here
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    For sale is my 1990 Ibanez Universe UV7PWH. I have to pay a few bills and that´s the only reason i have to let her go. She´s a killer guitar and i am going to miss her dearly. Modifications (if any): None, all stock! She does have a few dings, but considering her age (23) she is in excellent...
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    After many twists and unbelievable luck I'm proud owner of this baby, Uv7pwh 1990. She is in great condition, the previous owner claimed that she sat in her case since 1993. The wood was little dry but oil treatment fixed that. I'm very happy with the guitar but of course there are...