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  1. Classified Ads: Ibanez JEM/UV Guitars
    im looking to find a decent ibanez uv7bk green dot so if you got one you wanna sell message me asap:)
  2. Classified Ads: Ibanez JEM/UV Guitars
    *Baton Rouge, LA - United States *My phone number is 504-390-5954 *My range that I will be able to pay for is $500 USD - $800 USD. I am not able to pay any more than that amount. I am looking for the UV7BK with the green dots and green hardware. My school is depositing $500 to my bank account...
  3. Classified Ads: Ibanez JEM/UV Guitars
    Hey, I'm looking for a UV7BK with the green details in good condition i am from Greece and i am willing to pay only through paypal please.let me know if you've got one for sale and inform me about the price. thank you
1-3 of 3 Results