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    Finally got the gold nut and bridge mounted up and my gold-polepiece Duncans done. Tuners are still coming for it, but it's now my favorite 1077XL. Thanks for the bridge and nut hookup dood! :)
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    So i am looking at purchasing an acoustic electric from American Musical Supply. (Love the site) and i am tight on money because i also want to get a few extra things. (amp, PA etc.) I began looking at the Ibenez AEG10E in black, which i LOVE! then i found that Ibenez has this Jam Pack with a...
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    Hey Everyone, I used to be a Gibson player, but I have fallen in love with Ibanez guitars and I won't be going back. I have an Ibanez RG4EXQM1, and I want to fix it up a bit. First, my edge iii bridge is missing the screw that is used to adjust the vibrato arm height. Does anyone know...
1-3 of 3 Results