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ibzusa c2
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    -IBZUSA C2 - $28 -IBZUSA C2 - $28 -Or both together for ($50) -SD TB-4 JB Pink w/ Black Poles ($45) All in fair condition. Screws and springs included. Message me if interested.
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    IBZ USA C2 stacked single coil from a '91 RG770. The guitar and IBZ USA humbuckers have long since been sold... time to find a new home for the C2. This is most similar to a DiMarzio HS-2. In great condition with 5-3/4" of lead and ground wires. Measures 16.8 Kohm resistance. Pic's (incl...
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    I have a IBZUSA C2 stacked humbucker out of a MIJ Ibanez 760 neck position for sale. The pickup works well and there is quite a bit of lead length to work with since it came out of the neck position. It has the black cover on it and is all original. Let's say $35 OBO + shipping.
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    Full set,2x ibzusa c2, and 1x ibzusa f2 from mid to late eighties guitar that had broken neck. Pick ups, 5 way switch,pots(rough). Make me an offer. Thanks, Mace
1-4 of 4 Results