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    "8135" are the last four digits of it's serial number. I bought this guitar off of a cat down at my local methadone clinic, he was standing outside with it, and after I got my dose, I asked him why he had it with him. He needed $140 for his child support payment, and luckily I had $120 on me...
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    Description of gear : Ibanez Iceman IC-200 Mods: EMG pickups all new electronics, DiMarzio clip lock strap Accessories: Ibanez hard shell case Location: Long Island NY International OK: No Contact : pm or respond to thread References: plenty on ss.org, harmony central, and Jemsite. *All same...
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    Testing the waters on this guitar, recently got it at a music store, i'm the second owner. As far as condition goes, I'd rate it a 9.5 out of 10. This guitar is CLEAN. The only this wrong with this guitar is that there's VERY little belt buckle on it, but it seems like it could be taken out very...
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    Just picked this up from the store a few days ago, already put new grover tuners and DR black beauties on it. The problem is... THE PICKUPS SUCK anyone know a good combination for this guitar? This is (sadly) my first ibanez, and my first iceman.
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    I'm wondering how much my ibanez iceman is. it's an ibanez iceman ic200. From the serial number, i concluded it was made in korea in march of 2004. Problem is, idk what it's worth!:confused: There is literally NO signs of wear, it's like it warped through time. 8O Thanks everyone!
  6. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    This is my first thread on Jemsite, just wonering what some opinions are on the ic200 iceman or the rgr321 Im after a nice simple fixed bridge guitar to mess around with tunings and have fun with :smile: (mainly a metal player) which is a better choice?
1-6 of 6 Results