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  1. Pickups & wiring
    My son offered to re wire a RG-120 completely. we have the inf3 & inf4 with 4 wires - red, white, black, BLUE, and of course the braided ground. These will connect to a 3-way switch with 1 volume & 1 tone. I have replaced the vol & tone with 500 pots and a 223 capacitor. I cant seem to get the...
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    I recently registered on this site as I found it very useful for an Ibanez owner (and not only for them). Currently, I own an Ibanez RG4EXFM1 and I would like to replace the INF3 & INF4 pick-ups with DiMarzio Evolution (bridge & neck). I will keep the INFS3 (middle position, single coil pick-up)...
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    Pair inf3 neck and inf4 bridge Ibanez 2 wire Infinity pickups. Nice sounding pickups. I took logos off because I used them on a non Ibanez project. Great pickups for a great price $35 shipped for the pair USA and paypal-- p.s will ship international but p.m. me for your shipping price.
1-3 of 3 Results