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    If anyone got the intonation tool for the Original edge, let me know. Somebody in Europe would be cool.
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    I've never intonated a guitar before but I would like to learn how. What does an intonation tool for an Ibanez Edge look like? How does it help you? Where can you buy one? Do you even need one to intonate an Edge properly?
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    I am looking for the Ibanez 'EDGEADJUST1' intonation tool for the original Edge series, not the Lo-Pro Edge. I would prefer within the UK but overseas is fine also. If you have one that you're willing to sell me, get in touch. Please, no offers for OFR tools. Thanks.
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    Now that Ibanez is putting the original Edge trem back into more regular production for 2010, are we likely to see the proper intonation tool come back on the market? It still seems weird to me that such a useful item has not been available for so long.
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    I needed some information on this particular tool or a good replacement tool to set my intonation. I searched on here to find some answers but came up short. Alot of people say "The Key" intonation tool for floyd roses dont work on the edge. What I want to know is why exactly this tool doesnt...
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    wanted to post this earlier but here are some pics of my S5470 which I got a month and a half ago. Upgraded the pups to a D-Activator neck + D-Activator X bridge + Ibanez C2 middle. Anyhow, enjoy the pix :) mmm... coffee and creme... no string (holder) attached... comin' at ya! Manta...
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    Well I picked up a purple S 470 thursday. The guitar is absolutely mint. It was being sold as used for $429.00. The funny thing is, like I said before, there isn't a mark on it. No fret wear, no fading of the cosmo black ZR trem or tuners, not a mark on the body. The only small thing were a few...
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    Sorry, no pics yet and I can't review the pickups yet. I have had the guitar about a month now, so here are the bullet points on the new 24 fret S5470, slanted towards Jem/RG owners. 1. Body: The EGEN18 funny looking grip is most likely a blessing, grabbing the S5470 by the horn is not...
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    I'm sure this subject comes up every so often, but I wanted to let you all know that Ibanez currently has, in stock, an item called the "Edge Adjust 3", which is an intonation adjustment tool akin to the long-lost tool we're all familiar with/lust after. Though the name of the item can lead to...
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    Hi everyone I just got a nice RG from 1993 with an edge (i beleive it's a 470) it plays beautifully But it came with no locking studs. I mean, theres is hole in each of the trem posts, but they're both empty. I beleive the previous owner removed them for some reason. Could anyone give me the...
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    I just saw they brought thier own intonation tool back. It looks like the edge adjust I have, only it's $15!
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    I looked on GAK on friday as they said they'd have some listings down early feb due to all the NAMM stuff, they had no BC Rich gunslinger retro as of yet but back to my point; I check Ibanez and was pleased to see they have the "JTK3" and "JTK4" as well as the new FR models (at stupidly high...
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    I've finally decided to get a RG2550, but I'm undecided whether to get last years model or wait for the Edge Zero models. To me they are very similar, and the only differences I can see are: 1) Colours (I prefer the white body on the RG2550Z, but I guess this ain't a show stopper) 2) Trem...
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    Decisions decisions. I've got the choice between a black '99 RG550 and a silver '05 RG2570, $600 and $500 respectively. I've played both models and don't really have a preference one way or another. Can anyone give me some more info that might sway my decision one way or another? Disregard...
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    My new 7vwh is my first EP guitar. Ok granted I have it from Rich, so it has the locking stud mod. But I see so many people always flaming the Edge Pro etc. and I have to say I really like it. Ok it was very well setup of course, but I like the low cast and how I can easily palm mute etc...
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    SyncroniZR ZR II Edge-Zero (!!!) Look like they're all screw-in arms, and I guess the Edge Pro is being completely dropped. Obviously we'll have to play them for final judgement, but any preliminary impressions? I'd like to know the exact details on the SyncroniZR and Edge Zero, it's...
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    I am looking for an intonation tool for the original Edge trem and don't seem to have any luck in finding one. I did find one on th bay but it says its for the original Floyd and won't fit the Edge one. StuMac don't have these anyomre, I checked Rich's site it says 0 stock, Cottam guitars don't...
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    I have for sale here an Ibanez Prestige 3120 in Twilight Blue. It is in pristine condition. There are only a few polish swirls and that is it. There are no dents, dings, scratches, pitting in the trem or anything else wrong with it. I bout it off the bay a month or so ago. Item number was...
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    End of November, already! And we didn't get much news about what is going on in Fujigen plant for 2008. So, this is a call to anyone who could have picked here or there pieces of info about next year line-up. Please,feed my GAS!
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