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iron maiden strat

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    Is this possible without routing? I've read conflicting comments regarding installing a floyd on a strat. Some say there's no need for routing, others say it has to be done. Are the stud widths the same? I'm really digging the style of the Iron maiden strats, and I'd be willing to try the...
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    I'm having a custom strat built by a very talented guy in Florida, but in the mean time I wanted to find a good backup guitar to match the strat that's being built - (it will be my #1). I hate to say it, but I'm moving away from Jems and Universes at this point and back to Strats. The custom...
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    I have a chance to get an American strat on sale. My only 2 guitars now are both Ibanez - what do all you Ibanez guys think about strats?
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    I sold this guitar on **** and shipped it to the winner of the auction, and then I get an email from her saying the neck is cracked. There was a very slight crack that wasn't even noticeable when I sold the guitar, you couldn't even feel that it was there, but she took pictures and it's WAYYYYYY...
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    I believe it's a 1987 RG550, serial number F757440. Everything is all stock, and it even has all the back plate covers. It's a sweet guitar, my second RG550, first one I had was black. I might have to sell this guitar though, something just came up and I'm not sure if I will have to sell this...
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    your thoughts on it? I personally LOVE IT!
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    Hey All- Been a long time, good to see the community is as strong as ever. So...my main axe is an 02 American Standard Strat with tremolo, which I never use because it is not stable enough for the stuff I want to use it for (you know, the Van Halen, Vai-esque stuff). The more I've thought...
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    All in the title, I would start this but all I have is my guitar (yamaha RGX121 w/ DiMarzio PAF Pros, pretty boring but sounds nice) Lets see some interesting (and probably astounding) rig pics! Joe
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    Ok this has to come up sooner or later if it already hasn't; what signature guitar do you like and/or own? ESP/LTD KH-502(like and tried) Epiphone Zakk Wylde Les Paul (own)
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    Don't know if many of u are iron maiden fans, but i always wanted to have the Maiden signature strat mainly cause its always being like a rumor of them ever getting a signature model, i wouldn't use it live but just want it for the collection. here is a link (Edited by kirk at 6:04 am on Sep...