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    Dear Jemsite, I`ve been looking for a good UV for a while now, and i`ve bought other things in the process, but i think i am done putting this off. I have the means for a good one, but i always welcome beaters. In addition, i have 2 guitars i am willing to put in for trade. Pictures will be...
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    FS: Lots o' stuff Ibanez RG necks, perle swirl, SR500 bass Jackson dk2m guitar I made an impulse purchase today that is going to bite me hard if I don't move some things to offset it. I'll be taking it all to *b*y tomorrow, but wanted to at least offer it to everyone here first. Check the...
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    I thought this would be a funny thread. I just spent an hour trying to remember everything i had and what i still have. It's bad, i have a horrible memory. It runs in the family. Also, i have a large collection at my young age. However, i thought i'd be worth a few yucks if everyone shared a...
  4. Pickups & wiring
    Hello again Jemsite! I am again in need of help. Il try to make it short as i always have the tendency to make a long speech. So here's the deal. Last month i installed the Evolution duo (meaning neck and bridge) in my ibanez RGT42DX and the soldering went fine. I had a little spill on the...
  5. Off-topic / Miscellaneous
    What is your longest wait time for ordering a Guitar? I ordered my RGT220A on August 3rd and it will be at my door next thursday. A very long wait for myself. How long have you had to wait for one?
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    Hi Folks, I've been looking a little more closely at Jackson lately, and am drooling over some of their models like the DKMGT (EMG's and reverse headstock), and I was wondering about their quality/product herachy verses Ibanez's. I'm beginning to be unhappy with Ibanez's product-line...
  7. Vendors, Auction & Reseller Talk
    I noticed people charging a lot more for the most desirable Jems now days, and they are extremely hard to come by. See PMC's at $3500-$5000, GMC's at $2500-$4000, UVMC's at $3000-$4500, DNA's holding at $4200-$5000. Even as we all know new not rare whatsoever Jems are $2000 now days. Anyone...
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    im either buying a jackson for $733 or ibanez for $744 and i wanted to know which was better fr metal
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    Hi - I recently played a jackson dx10d in trans. blue at my local musicgoround. Played very well, the neck was thin and fast and i liked how it looked. They were asking $300 for it with case. Any comments on this guitar? Price? (I already have an ibanez rg550; just looking for something...
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    are the dkmg's mij?how would you folks rate it.specially versus an ibanez rg550.are the necks better for shredding?
  11. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    Which is the better bang for the buck? a made in japan DK-2 jackson goes for $400 and the RG 350dx goes for $360 and is made in korea? are the jacksons a better sounding,built guitar?