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    After seeing the Jackson/Jem hybrid I thought of my first guitar which is at least 16 years old now This is a Kramer XL2,I scratched off the XL2 because I thought it made it look nasty! :lol: You may notice I filed the bottom horn like the Green Meanie.I burnt the pink knobs like the PAW...
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    Hey guys I'm looking for a tube/valve amp. I play mostly all lead. Looking for a steve vai, paul gilbert, satch, jason becker kind of tone. Looking for Combo's not heads and cabinets. Let me know! I was looking at the 333xl bugera. How is that? Thanks! How does the bugera compare to the line 6...
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    Hey, I'm new here and I'm Jason Bach. If you cannot tell, my username is a combanation of my two favourite musicians, Jason Becker and J.S Bach. I am 13 years old and have been playing guitar for 10 years. My favourite guitar is my Parker Fly Deluxe.
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    I just got this today. A pristine RG 565 proto!! Believe it or not,I bought it from the widow of ex Jerry Lee Lewis guitarist Joel Schumacher. I might be buying another Ibby shredder from her too......funny,shredderiffic Ibbys aren't exactly what I'd expect to find in his collection,but they're...
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    Some very hypnotic moments in this vid :wink: Love it :D One of my all time faves :mrgreen: Enjoy!!! :D
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    Can you nail down the best tone you ever heard to the specific song, I can: John Petrucci on A Change of Seasons playing Achillies Last Stand during the solo. It's the best to me. What was he using at this time? Pickups, guitar amps? Anyone know? What kind of pickup could I use to achieve this...
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    Huge pic here: http://www.harmony-central.com/ProductImages/Large/000029042.jpg Carvin Re-Introduces X-100B Guitar Amps January 29, 2008 Carvin is pleased to re-introduce the X-100B Guitar Amp. From its first introduction in 1981 until it went out of production in the early 90's, the X-100B...
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    So I watched some old Jason Becker videos and noticed him shredding away on some Charvel guitars and I was wondering... What can you tell me about Charvel-Jackson guitars built any time between 1985 to 1989? I'm referring to the Model series (i.e. Models 1 through 6) - specifically, I'd like to...
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    He does the get out of my yard arpeggio's in it looks like standard tuning with complete cleanness which is insane, I've watched a few of his vids but he is pretty damn good. http://www.youtube.com/pipebecker
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    Why is it that most of us who work tough jobs, make standard or above wages, and deal with everyday life and struggles, aswell as or weight issues and bad habits, tend to cope with all of lifes missiles. But someone like BS who has all the money in the world and help from everyone around her...
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    Anyone hear have any experience with Carvin? I hear a lot of negative reviews of the legacy.. Does anyone here own one, and if so would they please post some clips.. Are the MTS or V3 supposed to be any good?
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    Aight guys, I have an RG3670e VSL Prestige now, and selling it so I can get a higher end prestige. I think maximum I would spend New would be 1300(USD). What do you suggest? I love locking tremolo's but my favorite guitarist is paul gilbert and his signature model is hardtail.:-( still...
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    Heres something I just came up with while fiddlin around in my studio. It's a chromatic riff with some feeling kinda Jason Becker ish or so I think. Enjoy!! http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=651125&content=songinfo&songID=6008215
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    This is a RARE one I've not seen before there is very little footage of Steve playing a DY live, so I deem this one a 'Must See' even though the audio is weak........thought I'd post in the "JEM" area if it's OK with the Mods.....
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    hi could someone pm me the harmonic minor scale (tab style) thanks folks.
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    I know, I know, Satch, Vai, Malmsteen, Gilbert, blah blah blah blah blah, they all bring the same bag, sometimes cool tunes with mildly impressive licks... I'm not saying I can play them, but I am saying everytime I go to the guitar store there are at least a couple people that can. I wanna...
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    Hi, I'm trying to decide which pickups get to finish my guitar project, a RG2570 customized (basswood body, maple neck annd ebony fingerboard), my playing style is progressive metal (like Dream Theater, Symphony X, Evergrey...) and I was wondering if a set of Breeds will work for sweep picking...
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    I live on Long Island, NY, about 45 minutes from Paradise Guiitars USA. I decided to go to their factory because after seeing the guitars on their website, I wanted one. Well I have to say. I was really impressed with those guys. I mean for musicians, as we all know, most of us are hard to deal...
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    Which one do you think is the best? Needs the best clear, balanced clean tone, and I need it to mix well with breeds in a basswood guitar with a rosewood fretboard. Thanks! smitty
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    I'm looking for some good sweep picking lessons and exercises,I don't care if it's just sections in book/cd packages or videos,whatever.I can kind of sweep pick but,I want to get really good at it and,can't find any real good lessons on the subject.Any suggestions would be GREATLY...
21-40 of 247 Results