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  1. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    Sellling a set of jeff loomis active pickups with wiring and pots. Passive harness not soapbar Still in box. Hardly used. No issues. Shipped from Canada $250 shipped https://photos.app.goo.gl/KiTHhFowkRytDoNq8
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    The damn comments of how vai and satch suck and how yngwie blows them out of the water or how they have no melodies or even good music. Its just gotton on my last nerve idk y.
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    I'm kind of surprised this hasn't broken here yet, since it's the topic of the day over at www.sevenstring.org. From www.drumcityguitarland.com http://www.drumcityguitarland.com/inventory/Details.cfm?ProductTypeID=14&BrandID=38 Schecter 1- 2007 MODELS ! JEFF LOOMIS/NEVERMORE Model New Set...
  4. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    They're all so damn cheap (<1000 dollars)... Anything wrong with them?
  5. Players, Bands, Sounds, Tours, Lessons & Theory!
    ok so some of my guitar idols ie steve vai rusty cooley paul gilbert have ben known to have locked themselves up and practice hours and days on end to achieve thier level of musical ability damn they all became reclusive for that period, is this really what im going to have to at sometime do if...
  6. Players, Bands, Sounds, Tours, Lessons & Theory!
    Just a few vids showcasing Chris Broderick of Jag Panzer/Nevermore :D Chris + Jeff Loomis
  7. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    So after a long and ridiculous road trip today (drove into Boston specifically to go to the Guitar Ctr. in Boston, and got lost about 5 times so didn't make it till almost closing time), I was finally able to really quickly demo the Diezel Herbert. Now granted, this was with a POS beat up...
  8. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    OMFG I'm seriously pulling my hair out over this, its killing me. I have my choices narrowed down to like 5 guitars. First off, the cheap Schecter Omen-7: http://www.adirondackguitar.com/lefty/schecter/omen7.htm Its cheap, under $400, so if I get it, and don't like it, not that big a deal, but...
  9. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    Well, I'm in the market for a new guitar, so I had my local gutar shop manager bring one of these in from another store just to check it out, and I must say, it was probably one of the worst playing guitars I have ever played hands down. First off, the body weighted a TON, it was at least 3 to 4...
  10. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    £279, unfortunately a shop demo model so a few scratches can be seen if you hold it up to the light, but it's a Korean model. The pickups are a bit ****e so I'll stick some better ones in and put up some photos when that's done :)
  11. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    If you look at the market today for 7 string guitars, it is dominated by Shecter models. They have around 7 or 8 models to choose from, Ibanez has how many? 4? 5? And how many of those are high-end expensive guitars (K7, UV) that cost over $1000? Shecter has affordable 7s that are of a quality...
  12. Players, Bands, Sounds, Tours, Lessons & Theory!
    do we have any nevermore fans at jemsite? just curious because i don't personally know anyone who listens to nevermore. nevermore is hands down the best metal today. They're so talented yet so underrated. Their ablum "This Godless Endeavor" Is absolute pure genius. Jeff Loomis is a god. From...
  13. Players, Bands, Sounds, Tours, Lessons & Theory!
    Sorry if this has been posted before. This is the worst playing ive ever seen from a signed band
  14. Players, Bands, Sounds, Tours, Lessons & Theory!
    Which band is your favorite?
  15. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    What do you think about them? The extended scale, etc..
  16. Players, Bands, Sounds, Tours, Lessons & Theory!
    Has everyone seen this Dragonforce video? Serioues, I haven't ever heard of this guy. This is like modern Cacophony in my opinion. No power metal bashing please, just check the two guitarists out!
  17. Players, Bands, Sounds, Tours, Lessons & Theory!
    Had platinum tickets to Satriani monday night in Tampa. Shook hands with the man himself!!!! This is info from his crew......There will be no Vai going out with G3 this fall. He has commitments to the Zappa thing he's doing so it will be Satch and some all new players. It is going to be strange...
1-20 of 44 Results