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    Hi Jem lovers I'm new to the site, funny thing, back in 1990 I was playing lead guitar in a band and had some extra cash so I bought this Jem brand new at Guitar Center in SF, played it a couple years and started playing bass so I parked it in the closet. I would get it out every now and then...
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    I recieved a call from a friend today asking if I would like to buy his Jem 89'pbk. I'm looking for a price to give him. I see $675-$1000 @ few archived postings. The Jem has a couple of body dings, the bridge p/u replaced. Overall, in good shape! I was wanting this guitar a longtime ago, but...
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    Up for trade is my black pyramid (PBK) neck in somewhat of a players condition. The neck is in good shape. Has some dings on the headstock. It is a very thin neck. If you don't like very thin feeling necks, then this is not for you. Will post some pics shortly. Would consider a trade for...
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    I'm calling this project "PMC-inspired" since I know it won't be right, I just enjoy the look of those guitars and figure I might as well enjoy what I got... So here is my 91 Jem777SK "collection of parts". I got it in boxes and in a horribly-repainted state. Some people did not like the...
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    I'll keep this short and simple... Ibanez Jem PBK in very good condition: - straight neck - frets have tons of life - no neck pocket cracks... Only couple small bumps and trem is Lo-Pro Edge... More pics per request. For trade... Well, musicman Petrucci, a nice Les Paul or a Strat... I'm...
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    I'm pretty damn sure that everybody here has had a guitar that they sold at one point or another and wished they could get back :( So I was thinking, what're the guitars that you let go in the past that you wish you could hunt down and retrieve? I had a gorgeous silver MIJ RG450DX and I sold...
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    Here it is, the rescued RG7421 (year of birth: 2000). Just a cheapie bought from the Bay (£150) which no-one wanted to give a good home. It was looking a little neglected when I got it (see the last pic), and so the transformation begins! This one will eventually have a custom 3-ply pickguard...
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    Hi, As no one wanted to buy my Jem (I know the euro/dollar ratio is not the best at the moment for US buyers...), I'd like to know if someone would be interested in trading a Jem profiled neck (VBK, FP,...) with the original neck joint, for the neck of my Jem PBK.
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    So, I guess this is the verifying step...... For the "verifier", I case you would be interested (we never know...), you have the opportunity to know before everyone that I'm selling a Jem PBK....But I live in France... I guess some people here can be interested. Thank you
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    I would love to see pictures of your custom-jems. Those beauties made according to your own tastes. :)
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    pics for your multicolor jems... It would be real cool if everyone posted there swirl jem models here (pics), look foreward to viewing some swirls! Tom.
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    I'm on the hunt for a Jem PBK or BSB in players condition. I want them to play! Email pics and price to the address below. Email me at: [email protected] Thanks, Joe
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    Up for sale/trade is my beloved 8270 in stunning black onyx, guitar has been played plenty but gigged only a little so scratches and dings are minimal ! it will ship with certificate, toolkit, instructions and original j-craft case. Asking £1000 or will trade for any interesting jems only. [not...
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    Hello, I have a UV77 in mint condition signed by Steve Vai ( no, dings, chips, scratches, A very mint guitar with exception to some pick swirls on the pickguard. Looking to trade for ( two) mint Jems 777 Lng, or Jem SK, a Jem PBK Jem 777dy any combo will apply. Please email me for pics...
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    Well today was a great day as i got my first ibanez :mrgreen:....... But it has a rather juicy crack in the neck pocket: (sorry for the rubbish quality pics, but you can just about make out the crack) Anyway it plays great an stuff so is this anything to worry about?
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    Just a thought guys and gals - it's the anniversary of the Jem AND the RG series this year. There's lots of talk of a 20th Jem but what about a 20th RG? I'd certainly buy one if the spec and colours were good :D
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    It's great. I love having that extra string. Very beefy. :D Brand new and the pickguard already looks like crap in photos! :(
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    I wanna some pics of your UV's :D
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    hi! i`ve been offered to buy a jem pbk-89 for 900dollars. the guitar seems in a pretty good shape but i`m worried about the neck. IT`S GOT THE WIZARD NECK or can it be something else??????? somebody guide me....(the price is little too high...???)
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    Finally got around to getting pics of all my Ibanez guitars, here they are: USA Custom's (left to right) - UCEWFM-NT, USRG30 TR, USRG30 BT J-Custom's (left to right) - RG8470A VV, RG8670TB, RG8570M VV Jem's (left to right) - Jem 77BRMR, Jem 7VWH, Jem 10th, Jem 7PBK Swirl Jpm90th and JS2K...