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  1. My 77vbk

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    Hi, Just took delivery of a new Jem77V-BK, noticed a vertical line on the fretboard, looks like either open wood grain, or a very small crack, not drastic but noticeable depending on the light. I'm hoping its nothing to worry about, is it worth me giving the neck a good dose of suitable...
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    Just checking out the new Jem70V 'premium' and realised that the Jem77VBK is no longer listed on the Ibanez website (Japan) http://www.ibanez.co.jp/products/eg_series12.php?series_id=62&area_id=3&year=2012&cat_id=1 Does this mean that its going to be discontinued?
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    http://s401.photobucket.com/albums/pp99/shockwave1192/ (pics 80 photos).. got a little camera happy. :-P Hey every one I moded my jem 77vbk, took off the mirror pickguard, took out the pickups. Replaced with a Black/white/black pickguard loaded with A Mo joe in bridge and a Paf joe in neck...
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    Bought this sweet guitar off of Rich at Ibanezrules. It plays like a dream :razz: sorry if pics come out a lil blurry took em with a camera phone..
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    Hi Jem lovers! Does any one know how how to tell if your jem has an ebony fretboard? Is it just a visual thing or can you tell via the serial number? Does it really make that much of a difference? Cheers..
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    Ok guys, once again my fellow JemSiters get first dibs on some gear I gotta move. I have up for grabs a DEAD MINT '07 VBK, S/N F07156XX. Basswood Body, Edge Pro, Breeds, etc. Completely unmolested; Less than 10 hours total play time. Honestly this guitar has spent most of it's life in the...
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    Is the JEM77VBK neck profile exactly the same as a JEM7VWH (ebony)? I would also like to know if there is any difference except the fretboard wood between previous ebony fretboard VWH necks and the later rosewood ones.
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    Ibanez Jem77vbk, absolutely mint (collectors condition) and virtually unplayed other than the initial 30 minutes when i got it.. i bought it new in summer 2007 and after the a short while on show (less than a week) its been in its case and shipping box ever since.. complete with all tools and...
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    I have a rg2003 puzzle top and will consider trades - trades + cash for Jem 77vbk. I am only interested in a perfect instrument. If anyone is in consideration of the idea leave me a message. Thanks oh! the rg2003 is perfect as well "like" no use. complete case, tags and tools.
  11. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    I just bought a secondhand JEM77VBK last week, and I'd really like to add a sustainer to it. I went around to some local music shops here in Tokyo that could do the Fernandes 401 mod, and they said it wouldn't be a problem. I specifically pointed out that it was for the Jem with the mirror...
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    i just won and recieved a "jem77vbk" from china and already owning a 555 real jem i have put it through its paces. the finish is awesome with EVERY detail finished the "team j craft" serial is FO509338. the sound of the pickups are better in comparison to my 555 the playability is 75% better due...
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    Hi JEM fans, love the site.
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    Hey all, Im looking for Either the JEM77VBK or The Jem Floral Pattern Guitar for this Christmas to buy, Please private message me if you have one for sell, I am posting here because I cannot afford the full 2k+$ List on Guitarcenter/******'s websites. Please tell me if you have a decent price...
1-14 of 14 Results