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    Jensen has unveiled the latest addition to its Jet line of speakers, the Jet Raptor. From the company: The Jensen Jet Raptor is a powerful speaker with smooth and warm sound. It has excellent definition in the upper midrange. When presented with overdrive distortion, it exhibits a silky, full...
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    Jensen® Sound Chamber at 2017 NAMM Demos New Jensen Jet Tornado Stealth Speakers Jensen® presents the Jensen Sound Chamber at the 2017 NAMM Show - highlighting the latest series of speakers in the Jensen Jet line - the Jensen Tornado Stealth speakers. The introduction of these 12" Stealth...
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    Mint Jensen Jet Electric Lightning, 12", 16ohm, 70 watts. Had it in my Blackstar HT-5R for 3 weeks, but I ended up going with a lower wattage speaker. Looking for $75+ shipping and PP but, by all means, make me an offer. Would trade for gear as well. Thanks, Andy
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    12" Jensen Jet Electric Lightning @ 16Ohm It's in excellent condition but it's not what I need in my Blues Deluxe. Gotta have an 8Ohm so I'm looking to trade for a similar quality 12" speaker (Eminence, Celestion, Jensen, etc...) on the 40 watt to 75 watt range. Thanks. Andy
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    I have 2 pristine sets of Jensen 12", 25 watt, 8 Ohm Jensen C12-RL speakers. One set is from '67 and the other from '68. They could be from the '50s according to the serial numbers, but I'm guessing 60's. They have the "hot dog" frames. I'll put pics up soon, after I get the camera out. I'll...
1-5 of 5 Results