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    So ya...here's the deal. I graduated high school in 2010, and I've been teaching guitar at a local music store since 2007, and now I work at Best Buy in the mobile phone dept. I've been going to college since 2008, and I'm almost done with my degree in Fire Science Tech/EMS, only needing my...
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    After an emotional afternoon and leaving some good friends behind i left my current job today. Monday i start for a new company where my previous manager now works. He head hunted me and offered me lots of money and other goodies. I can't help feeling a little sad that i've just left a company...
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    O'kay Guys. I would like to hear your opinions on this. I've been talking to my parents and we've been debating about this. It seems that the only types of jobs I can find anymore are costumer service, retail, or medical and all the other jobs out there that require a degree. My parents...
1-3 of 3 Results