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    Serial # 9406 Guitar Model Standard Body Wood: Basswood Body Option 3/16 Quilt Maple Top Neck Wood: Maple w Brazilian Rosewood Neck Back Shape: Even C Slim .800 -.880 Fretboard radius: 16" Frets: Heavy SS Bridge: 510 2-Post Solid Saddles (steel block) Hardware Color: Chrome Pickguard No...
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    This gorgeous Suhr Standard features Aldrich humbuckers, a quilted maple top with matching headstock and high gloss bengal paint job. Model: Standard Basswood body 3/16 Quilt Maple Top 1-Piece Maple - REVERSE headstock Match Figured Headstock Even C Slim .800 -.880 Medium SS frets Gotoh Floyd -...
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    Ohhhh Yeaaahhhh!!! We offer great service, smokin' good prices, 6 months 0% interest financing, free shipping inside the USA and no sales tax if you're outside of MA. Please get in touch for details! Matt :) Matt's Music Center 35 Pleasant St Weymouth MA 02190 USA 781-335-0700...
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    I've been considering seeing about getting one of these guitars, but I just can't quite take to the looks of it and I'm a visual person, so to me looks are more important than tone. I'm more than capable of making any high end guitar sound bad. :p So...stupid question but... Does the lower...
  5. Vendors, Auction & Reseller Talk
    http://www.made-in-china.com/showroom/bobostarxd/product-list/catalog-1.html These look good at first glance. The auction site must be full of them passing as real. I've been looking at Gibsons on the bay. It's a little scary to think I could end up with one of these by accident.
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    It finally arrived a few days ago. I love the top on this and the Aldrich pups sound very nice :) However, it arrived with the set-up totally messed up. Probably put that down to it happening during shipping. So whilst setting it up, I try to adjust the truss rod. But couldn't get the wrench to...
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    I'm working out the details for my next custom build and I've decided to branch out and look at different fretboard woods. I've had guitars with maple, rosewood and ebony fretboards. Out of those 3, maple is my favorite but based upon the paint scheme I'm going with, pau ferro appears to be the...
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    Just wondering if there are any Carvin fans in here? I think they make some of the best quality guitars and especially necks around. To this day my Bolt Plus guitar has the best playing/feeling neck i`ve ever seen. Any love for Carvin?
  9. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Back in the day I bought my RG1570 used, it was shipped without the tool for adjusting the trussrod. Now with my own socket tool I can adjust the trussrod only when all strings are taken off which is no way good because we need strings to be in tune to adjust the trussrod! Where do I can get an...
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    Those with experience with Suhr guitars. Are they So good? because are pretty pricey. Please do not talk just by reference but by own experience ;)
  11. Polls
    Hi guys (and the few, few ladies off course..) Well the title says it all. If you would have the option, what guitar would you rather have and why? A Suhr Standard or a ATD UV77MC?
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    Hey guys, I was wondering if you have ever played them or seen any custom guitar luthiers that make them. I just recently learned about the wonders of Greg Howe's fusion playing and when I saw this guitar I knew I had to have it hah
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    What would you guys consider to be the best current guitar investment? What guitar make and model do you believe to be currently undervalued and likely to increase in value over the next several years?
  14. Polls
    Tom Anderson used to be the king of the hill when it came to boutique superstrats, but now a lot of folks seem to think the John Suhr is the guy to go to. Which do you think is the best. I've included a couple of othe brands that I've tried as well just in case I'm way off the mark ;)
  15. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    Hi there, Not matter how much I adjust the bridge, I cannot achieve the action that I have in my JEM on my RG. JEM has Lo Pro and RG has Edge Pro. When I lower the bridge, high E string touches frets on upper frets. When high E string free from upper frets, I don’t like the action. Is there...
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    Hi guys for the past couple of months I have been seriously considering another guitar I play an EBMM JP6 in mystic dream but my recently put together band are playing some material where two guitars would be hella helpful One in standard and the other in a dropped tuning Ive been toying with...
  17. Comments to Ibanez
    The one thing I'd really like to see from Ibanez is some new made in Japan Prestige S guitars. The current crop of Korean Prestige S guitars just don't seem to be as awesome as the ones made in Japan around 2000 to 2004. I would like to see a neck thru Prestige S with a lower profile version...
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    I have seen some really nice AAA tops and have a hard time seeing the difference between those and a AAAAA top. What is the difference between a 3A and 5A flame top? What distinguishes them from each other? Thanks for your insight and help.
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    I know this might not be strictly the place for it, but I just wanted to say thanks to Rick and Ben at Sounds Great in Manchester for staying open late tonight and for quoting on a John Suhr guitar for me. Negotiations with the wife to follow :) I think diamond earings to equivalent value may...
  20. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    I got cash in hand to get a 7VWH. Aside from looking like a Vai wanna be, why else wouldn't I want one. I see them for sale and trade here. Why are people dumping them for as little as $1,250? I dig the heck out of the look and feel of that paticular Jem. I've had a Yellow Jem. It was ok...
21-40 of 100 Results