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    So... a guitar known for its crunch & lead tones, but the cleans are pretty good as well. Also, I've never seen an JPM with DiMarzio Crunch Lab & LiquiFire pickups (actually the previous owner did the replace, and I kept 'cause I liked 'em). I discussed this guitar previously here and here...
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    All priced to sell, all in great condition. The JPM P2 has only two flaws that I can notice a little finish scratch on an inside back edge, and a slight 'smudge' on the back of the upper horn. Very hard to see unless I put on reading glasses and get close...
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    Last week was a good week, ended up getting an rg565 off of craigslist in Sacramento, a jpm p2 in San Jose, and stopped off on the way home at the guitar center in Concord, they had a 93 RG770 in incredible shape. The guy essentially knocked off a hundred dollars off the price for me because he...
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    I just got my JPM the other day, arrived at my birthday actually. Really nice guitar, and the neck is the best I´ve ever played that says "Ibanez" on it. I´ve noticed a abnormality in the graphics though, and was hoping you would share your insights, thoughts, or maybe even your conspiracy...
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    Does anybody have a picture or an url about this guitar? Maybe more info/specs?
  6. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    Maybe they don't want to de-lineate the JEM series with the RG. Since some people would see the vine on an RG and on a JEM and figure they're the same guitar. Oh well, it's nice.
1-8 of 8 Results