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    I have a flawless JPX 7 string. I'd like to trade it for pretty much anything 6 string, as long as it's a hum bucker orientation, and not too shredder like. Closest to a shredder I'm interested in going is a JP6. Here's the key - I need to make some cash on the deal, so if you aren't buying...
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    For sale or maybe For partial trade - trades are only within EU and UK due to Customs. As for trades - something with a value of 1000-1200€ EBMM JPX-7 Ball Family Reserve Brand new. 10 of 10 DOB: 15-08-2012 Stainless Steel Frets and updated Tremolo baseplate! Modifications: None Accessories...
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    Building the Erni Ball Music Man JPX with John Petrucci. Interesting to watch i think. Check it out.
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    I was thinkng of going for my first seven string, i was thinking between a Ibanez UV777 and a Music Man JPX 7-String I like the Look, the piezo and the neck of the JPX, but i don't like very much the pups Of the UV777 i love the Pups and the bridge, i don't like too much the look, the neck is...
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    Basically looking for a JPX, either a 6 or 7, but would also consider a BFR, even a JP6 loaded w/ Piezo. In any event, the value varies based on which guitar(s) interest you. Please let me know. Here is a photo of the guitars that I have in which I am looking or willing to trade for a JPX...
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    Hello, I hit a dillemma on which guitar I should get, the JEM7V or the JPX-6, the John Petrucci 10th anniversery signature. They're about relative in price, off by about $150 dollars but i'm not sure which one i should go for. In addition to thoughts and advice, could osmeone also give me a...
1-6 of 6 Results