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  1. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    Hi guys, a couple questions: 1/ Has anyone successfully modded an OFR version of '"The Key" intonation tool to fit an original Edge? Is there a guide or at least pics? 2/ I know it's a long shot, but have any new supplies of the Edge version of the intonation tool popped up recently? 3/ Does...
  2. Players, Bands, Sounds, Tours, Lessons & Theory!
    So I'm just getting into theory in a serious way, and I've been reading about modes and a lot of information seems to be very vague on applyling modes. Say I'm playing over a chord progression in C, a simple I IV V so C,F,G (Major) in my head I'm thinking I've got two choices, I can play in C...
  3. Players, Bands, Sounds, Tours, Lessons & Theory!
    what does it mean when a song or lick is in a key of a note? how do we transpose that to the guitar?
1-3 of 3 Results