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    Lag Arkane 24 Jumbo frets Ebony Fretboard S series type body, Mahogany or Basswood? body, Quilted maple top Black hardware (Lic Floyd Rose) EMG HZ Passive pickups (3) Push pull pot for single in humbucker. MOP Inlays Amazing guitar! Currently tune to Drop B Any Questions just ask :)...
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    Hi to everyone, it's been a while since I've posted here the last time... This year my Jem celebrates her 20th anniversary so I decided to give her a neck beauty treatment: new frets, the fretboard has been cleaned and refinished, the back of the neck lightly sanded and finished with wax Back...
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    Description I´m selling my handmade in Bedareieux (France) Lag Arkane Master Prestige 2000 series in PUH finish. This model was the top of the Arkane models and at the moment is discontinued. 10 months of waiting were needed to finally got the guitar after ordered. Condition Guitar is in...
1-3 of 3 Results