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larry carlton

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    Hey guys, if you get a chance to check this out please do! This is one of my favorite Larry Carlton solos, feedback would be appreciated! :)
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    I thought this would be cool, but besides choosing from anyone out there, i'v listed some of the best and most popular slingers :)
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    Looks like Gibson re thought the Standard and gave it some of the more popular features it probably should've had for a few years, without much or a price bump Body Wood: Chambered mahogany Top wood: Plain maple Neck Joint: Set-in Neck Wood: Mahogany Fretboard: Rosewood Plek'd on Gibson...
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    When you were growing up you heard one record more than any other from your parents stereo.... today, this song or record would immediately transport you back to your childhood when you heard it....you don't have to like it- or be into it- you may think its stupid - but it's a part of your life...
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    hello, I know next to 0 on blues and jazz guitarists and i'd like to build myself a repertoire in these 2 styles. (quite different than the usual rock i deliver to my neighbors! ;) ) is it possible for some of you who are into these styles to give me the "all time classics" please: artists and...
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    Don't you all just love how the man plays? I sure do!
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    Finally got my J Custom from Rich, Yes, just as expected, it's amazing way too beautiful. I will love it forever. Only thing I dislike feel wise is that both of my E strings are a bit high. It's not terrible, but I know it could be better. I've had some experience carving bone nuts, but...
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    Lately I've been paying alot of attention to tone, and mostly in Rock guitar. I would really like to see some players you guys enjoy tone wise. I'm gonna list some, and I gotta say, the guy I HATE the most is Brad Gillis, worst guitar player ever, but anyway, here is my List of best tone in...
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    Check this amp out on EvilBay item number 300172171112 its hit $55000 and reserve not yet met Is this for real ?? could not a new top of the line Amp do the same as this amp any experts out there care to enlighten me :) and just for some fun check out this clear Piano quite nice...
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    I have a wizard neck that needs the board re-radiused and new frets installed. I would need it back in a 2-4 week time frame. Does anyone know a vendor that can do the work in that amount of time?
  11. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    So who does some really nice refret work here in the states? I had my 3120 sent to the shop for a fret lvl and they royally ****ed it up, even after I sent it back to them there denying anything is wrong with it (they just don't want to admit they can't work on leftys), even though its buzzing...
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    I'm looking for something rhythm oriented with a real groove to it, something quick and centered around a major key. Preferably something with a lot of room for experimentation and improvisation.
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    I realise that it's all down to opinion, but I thought it would be interesting to see who fellow Jemsiters think is the best guitarist ever. My vote is for Steve Vai... ( I think he will be a popular choice:)) What do YOU think? Rock on!
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    Love some of the tapping licks in this vid. Enjoy.
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    Im just curious, but what musicians have influenced you folks the most? For me its been- Paco De Lucia Guthrie Govan Shawn Lane Nino Ricardo Chick Corea John Coltrane Bill Evans
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    im listening to star wars disco by wierd al. just got tol the cantena bit. legend!!!
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    Well, I've been setting up my newly purchased RG770FM, but I'm encountering some fretbuzz problems at the 1st (and on one string, the 2nd) fret. I usually like about .4mm of relief, but to get rid of this, I have to go to about .7. It's not a nut height issue, and my action is the same on my...
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    Who's tone are you most trying to emulate? I'd say I'm going for a cross between Andy Timmons and Brad Gillis. I've already found that the Vai tone doesn't work well with my style of playing. Petrucci's tone is just too elusive. Besides, I'm not sure it would work well for me. But I hear...
  19. Pickups & wiring
    Hi folks, since we all post on a forum where alot of people seem to like dimarzio, or have a preference of them over other brands (thats the sorta vibe i've gotten in my time here) i would like to hear peoples oppinons on these pickups and to give thier reasons why they like or dislike them...
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    Ive never really took much notice of Steve Lukather till now. You may have seen this already but i dont care.