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    Hi guys, I am in the market for a new amp - I currently use a 5150 head with a 4x12 Marshall. My question is: What amplifier do you think sounds best with the Jem7vwh? A few thoughts so far - it is a relatively bright sounding guitar, so I thought that it may be complemented well by a darker...
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    Hi all, I have a Jem 15th Anniversary - you know the one Flowers and Pink PAFs - backplate signed by Steve Vai 2 small dings in bottom of guitar - one barely visible and the other maybe 1/3 the size of a match head. Also one small bubble in the jack area - I mean really small. Full Gallery...
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    Looking for a Roland/Boss FC200 midi controller. My budget is quite tight hopefully I can get a good offer. Preferred payment via Paypal and ship to Malaysia. Help me out in building my first rack :P I'm looking for an ADA MP-1 too. http://www.jemsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=54082
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    I'm going through a major rig downsizing... I've taken a gig playing bass, so this is a lot more guitar gear than I need for jamming around in my basement. Hughes & Kettner Triamp II -- 6 channel amp with 9 preamp tubes and 4 EL34's for 100w, MIDI switching module installed (+ spare module...
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    Just bought an ADA MP-1 with Mod 4 MKII mod, can't wait for it to come in. Got it for an UNBEATABLE price, luckily the guy worked with me at this time (moving in about a week and my car just died...) Anyone here use an ADA MP-1? Comments or anything on it? How do you incorporate it into your...
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    I'm getting too old and play too little to have this much cool guitar gear sitting around... I'm downsizing (considerably!). Everything is in excellent condition and works great... just more than I need for jamming around the house. Hughes & Kettner Triamp II -- 6 channel amp with 9 preamp...
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    I'm looking for something that will allow me to switch between 2 preamps in my rack, and has loops for a couple of pedals, rackmount tuner etc. From the stuff I've read, the Sound Sculpture Switchblade 8b seems to be perfect (and their customer service already has loads of points for answering...
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    hi, i'm in the market for a quality multieffects unit that has a switching relay or two so that it can change my amp channel and incorporate that into the patch so on my midi pedal it all happens with the push of one button :) TC's Gmajor is the first obvious choice(nothing above gmajor price...
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    what are the best buys for the money? id like to spend around 300-500 - but i want something that has good versatility (tremolo, phaser, reverb, delay etc) but also that can change patches quickly. the lexicon mpx1 was great but took a second or two in patch changes barry
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    I'm downsizing my amp & FX collection since my band just broke up... since I've currently got three Randall MTS amps, I am going to sell the combos and just keep the rack rig for recording. While I'd like to keep all the modules, I realize that not a lot of people are in the market for an "amp...
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    I had a lexicon mpx1, but the delay with changing patches was terrible. are there any other moderately priced effects units that are comparable to the mpx1? i loved the mpx 1 as far as the settings and sounds, but not the delay in changing patches.
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    I have a triple rectifier, and I am wanting to go to a rackmounted setup. what are some opinions regarding the capabilities of the triaxis vs a rectifier?
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    I want to create a compact 1x12 rack setup using a Tubeworks Mosvalve power-amp. It will be mostly for practice/recording, but I'd like to have an option to take it out live. I'll buy another 1x12 if I want to go stereo. I contacted a local cabinet builder (it's pain to find good gear here, and...
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    Looking at the DBX 1231 Dual 31 Band Graphic EQ , seems like it would do the trickif placed in the FX loop of my twin DSL100 setup before a Lexicon MPX1, but wondering what the DBX is like when used with guitar rather than PA etc? Is it better to use after or before the Marshall pre amp (tube)...
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    Sorry if this has been covered before, but I would like some opinions. I'll be getting my tax returns soon, so I plan on buying a harmonizer. I tried the boss and digitech pedals, and they sounded like pure garbage. So, it has come down to a Lexicon mpx unit, a G major, a Digitech dhp55, or an...
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    This is a question just to see what you guys use and why. I am trying to decide which way to go, be it all rack or pedals galor and I am trying to get some outside input. Thanks, Stephen
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    Hi, I use a Lexicon MPX550 for most of my effects, I connect it to the send/return ports of 2xMarshall JCM2000 to get a sweet stereo sound. However the pre-amp stage of the JCM2000's introduces a lot of hum to the signal, can anyone recommend a stereo noise gate in a 19" rack format, that does...
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    I've read about all the reviews on HC and everyhting i could find on here about the G-Major. I found one at Guitar center used for $189. When it boots up, it says it is version 1.11, I think.. it's 1.1# something. I'm not at home right now or i'd look. I'm also noticing that the rotary...
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    Looking for a rack guitar effects unit. Any opinions on what they think is the best out there right now? CU
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