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    Hey gang! So, I've had this one for quite some time and am honestly debating if I want to part with it or keep her forever. In all honestly, I can't seem to even find record of this existing and am wondering if it was a custom job. The paint sure "seems" stock from a quality standpoint...
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    I m interested Jackson KV2 King V Lightning Sky Guitar. If you have that, Contact me.I know, Case size is bigger but I accpet gigbag or smaller case etc.We can deal on shipping size and price not problem. I m from Istanbul,Turkey My postal code is 34662 I can use USPS Priority Mail or EMS...
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    Hey guys, I really like a lot of those cool 80's guitars with the really neat graphics on them. My favorite one so far has got to be the Lightning Storm graphic which I've seen on a few guitars. I'm just wondering what guitars have that graphic on them? The only few I've seen are Dimebag's CFH...
1-3 of 3 Results