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    Hey guys please enjoy this rig rundown video of AT during the Protocol II tour with Simon Phillips.
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    So i am selling my mesa stiletto ace combo and have reveived two trade offers, one for a marshal jvm 410h, and one for a mesa boogie lonestar classic head. normally i would most likely go for the lonestar head however this one is a combo converted into a head so i am really concerned about the...
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    Just recently discovered this guy (I'm behind the times, I know) but i'm REALLY digging his tone. He runs a Mesa Lonestar and Stiletto Deuce into Mesa rectifier cabs, love the tone. What do you guys think? It's definitely a break from say JP, Satriani, etc etc.
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    Up for sale is my black Lonestar Head. 100/50 switch, footswitch and cable. 100% cosmetically. Tubes have a ton of life left. $1200. Pics upon request. Trades for awesome combo amps (1x12 only) might be considered. Thanks all, Alex
1-4 of 4 Results