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    Hey guys, just looking for some opinions here... There's a couple of Marshalls for sale on CL here that seem like good deals...one is a 2006 marshall jcm 800 lead series 2203 - 100w head for $750 and the other is a marshall dsl 50 for $550... I know that many people will gravitate towards the...
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    Marshall DSL401 1x12 40 watt combo with original footswitch and slip cover. In excellent condition. Collection only from RG41 5PG. £375. [email protected] 07766 100090
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    I am interested in getting a Marshall tube amp, and as where I live theres not much chance of testing all the Marshall models, so as usual I turn here for advise and input (no punn) I want a nice, mellow, warm clean sound which is why I'm thinking tube amps, and as far as I know Marshall is a...
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    So I picked up a 570 about a year ago and I'm really wanting to bring it out to gigs. I've got the Edge all sorted out, but the tone is dreck. I'm figgering it's the basswood body. There's no "life" in it. I replaced the bridge pickup with an SD JB, but it's still not there. So I'm looking for...
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    :) Just bought one of these online (for about 40% of what I'd pay for it in Australia). Can't wait to try it out. Obviously it's not the same as having Bob build one for you, but I've been looking for a boost to push my Marshall over the edge, and it never hurts to have a spare overdrive. Has...
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    What's the amp you'd love to have? ... or that best amp you already have
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    I am looking for a guitar, in the 700$ range, new, and I have some specific requirements. Preferably set neck/neck through as I need upper fret access. I could take a bolt on, but it would have to have a good neck join so that I could still have good upper fret access. I don't want a floyd. No...
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    I put this together for my own use, and I thought it would be potentially beneficial for others as a reference. Anyway, hope you likey...
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    What do you guys think of Laney amps? How's their tone compare with say Mesa or Fender or Marshall etc.? I was thinking of upgrading my Marshall AVT20 to a Laney LC15 or VC15, not really sure what the difference is. They've got a Laney LC15 for $400 at my shop, which I think is a STEAL
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    I thought this would be a funny thread. I just spent an hour trying to remember everything i had and what i still have. It's bad, i have a horrible memory. It runs in the family. Also, i have a large collection at my young age. However, i thought i'd be worth a few yucks if everyone shared a...
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    I damaged my Peavey Valveking 112 this morning when I plugged my Boss RC-20XL into the effects loop while the amp was turned fully on (not on standby). I plugged the last cable of the loop into the "Return" plug of the amp's effects loop, and as I did so, there was a LOUD gunshot-like crack/pop...
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    His website's news section, that he writes, says he is doing a bunch of Marshall booth guitar show demos. Is he with Marshall now? What was wrong with Laney I wonder? I never would figure he'd switch to Marshall, but who knows whats up?
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    I am looking for a new 15-20w all tube combo to replace my Laney LC15R there is nothing wrong with the Laney and I'll probably keep that one as well, but what I am looking for is 12'' speaker (Laney: 10"), Reverb and two channels (Laney has only one). I was looking at a Mesa Studio Caliber the...
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    Well I got bored and my pal at the local store got a switchblade. So I thought I run over with my JEM and try it for a bit, since during the holidays the store is dead anyways ;) Features: Ok this baby is packed with features. 4 Channels and built in effects (Reverb, Delay, Modulation - Flanger...
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    Just curious to what the real difference is in sound, i know the tubes give a cleaner sound ryt? Sorry I'm quite new and know tubes sound better, but i can't put my finger on whether I'm best just using my ME-50 for distortion rather than my Peavey Valveking head. Regards Jonny
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    . . . to plug, say a 50 watt head, into a 1x12 cabinet? I'm just wondering if instead of buying a power brake or the likes for playing at bedroom levels, you could just get a small extension cab and play through that. Or would you still only be on volume "1"? And even more extreme - something...
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    so, currently, in my band, i am using a marshall mg100dfx, the 100 watt combo as the head on a randall cab...im using a metal zone and my 20thrg...a few people have complained that its too grainy, specifically when i hold an octave chord past the 12th marker..and other such things..anyways, i...
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    After saying I was going to buy one for ages, I finally took the plunge! I have to say this thing sounds fantastic. The first thing i noticed was how much crunch was available in the midrange - having used Mesa for the last few years i'd be so used to a smooth midrange, but this thing really...
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    Review: Two words “Freakin Sweet!” This guitar has a superb finish, it’s hard to capture the blue sheen over green finish well on camera. Very unique. I like the carve on the top and contours on the bouts. Nice headstock design, a lot of body around the bridge which gives a different look than...
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    Watch 4:00 of this and tell me how Vai gets his notes soo clear!! When I pick every note like he does it comes out muddy and you can hear horrible sound of the picking,with vai you don't, he is soo clear, as if he isn't picking it. HELP!!!
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