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  1. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    I am mainly looking to trade my Engl Powerball II. Comes with a Z-9 footswitch. In very good shape. Has one scuff and one small dent under the bottom of the front lip. Never gigged. Stays in my home. I am looking to trade for a Marshall Jubilee 2555 or a Mesa Mark V head or ESP Horizon FR...
  2. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    marshall jubilee 25/55 head w/ cab Ive got a vintage Marshall Jubilee 25/55 head, the tolex is in like new shape. Tubes are new as of one year ago. The play time i have on these tubes is less than 6 hours. The cab is a marshall 1960A 4x12 cab mint cond. if your interested let me know. Im...
  3. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    what do u think? :) write little reviews of amp and if u have it plz drop some mp3 of your own :)
  4. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    Item for sale: Mesa Boogie rectofier 4x12 cab w/ celestion vintage 30's Description & Condition: 280 watts, black, good condition, one snag on the grill, and a couple tiny nicks on the tolex. Works perfect, large casters, all original. Asking Price: 600 plus shipping or any reasonable offer...
  5. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Well, a friend of mine has been bugging me to come over and check out his "old Marshall" and his "flying V" so yesterday I made it over to his house and when he brought me down to his basement I was totally shocked to see a silver Marshall Jubilee fullstack, an RR1, an Ibanez destroyer and an...
  6. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Man, after a brief encounter with the previous version of PODxt firmware (which quite frankly sounded like ass unless run through a tube power amp and real guitar speaker) I thought I would never buy a POD again. But after reading mucho good stuff on harmony-central about the new firmware I...
  7. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Hi guys!! I thought we'd do a less controversial topic this time around... I'd like to hear about your favorite rig setup ie: What guitar you use, amps, effects..in what order do you like up your effects/pedals... I think we can learn from each other on this one!!!
    aaa maple abalone inlays ace frehley acoustic amp acoustic guitar addario strings air norton air norton neck alesis quadraverb amp combo amp head amp input amp modeler andy timmons atd swirl ball volume pedal bass amp basswood body bbe sonic bbe sonic maximiser bbe sonic maximizer bbe sonic stomp behringer fcb bfp neck black pickguard blaze bridge blaze neck blaze pickups block inlays blue voodoo blues saraceno bob oakman bogner shiva boogie dual rectifier boogie nomad boogie triaxis boost pedal boss chorus boss digital delay boss metal zone boss pedal boss pedals breed bridge brian calvert brian moore bridge hum bridge humbucker bridge pickup bridge position bridge pup button footswitch buzz feiten buzz feiten tuning system candy apple red caparison horus carvin legacy combo cavity cover celestion vintage charvel model chorus pedal chrome hardware chrome vine chrome vine inlay classic strat clean tone coil tap condenser mic crate blue voodoo custom exotic wood custom guitar custom ibanez custom jem custom pickguard custom shop dean evo dean evo special dean markley death metal delay pedal digitech whammy digitech whammy pedal dimarzio air dimarzio air norton dimarzio blaze dimarzio blaze custom dimarzio breed dimarzio cliplock dimarzio evo dimarzio evolution dimarzio evolution pickups dimarzio evolutions dimarzio paf dimarzio paf pro dimarzio paf pros dimarzio super distortion dimarzio tone zone dimebag darrell distortion pedal double neck dual rectifier dual recto duncan pickups dunlop cry baby dunlop crybaby dunlop jazz iii dunlop wah ebmm john petrucci ebmm jpm ebmm petrucci ebony board ebony fretboard eddie van halen egnater tol electric guitar electro harmonix engl powerball engl screamer engl thunder epi les paul epiphone les paul epiphone les paul standard eric clapton eric johnson ernie ball volume pedal esp mii eventide eclipse eventide gtr evh phase evo bridge evo bridge pickup evo pickups evolution bridge evolution pickups expression pedal fat strat feiten tuning system fender custom shop fender fat strat fender princeton fender princeton chorus fender stratocaster fender telecaster fender twin fender twin reverb fernandes sustainer flame maple flamed maple flextone iii floyd rose fret aanj frets scalloped furman power conditioner genz benz gibson custom shop gibson les paul gibson les paul classic gibson les paul custom gibson les paul standard gold lace sensors groove tubes hamer standard heavy metal herc fede herc swirl hollow body horsie wah ibanez acoustic ibanez jcrg ibanez jem ibanez jem gmc ibanez jpm ibanez pgm ibanez prestige rga ibanez rgr ibanez rgt ibanez roadstar ibanez talman ibanez tube screamer ibanez usa custom ibanez weeping demon inf pickups input jacks iron maiden isp decimator jackson custom shop jackson dinky jackson soloist jem custom jem gmc jem vwh jim donahue jim dunlop jimi hendrix jimmy page john petrucci john petrucci model jsx head keeley mod kerry king kettner triamp kirk hammet kirk hammett kjg wiring mod koa body korg dtr kramer baretta kramer pacer lace sensor lace sensors lee jackson les paul les paul classic les paul custom les paul standard les paul studio les pauls lexicon mpx locking bridge locking tuners loop station lower strings mahogany body malmsteen strat maple fret maple fretboard maple neck mark tremonti marshall avt marshall cabs marshall dsl marshall guv marshall jmp marshall jtm marshall jubilee marshall jvm marshall tsl marshall valvestate mesa boogie mesa boogie dual mesa boogie dual rectifier mesa boogie mark mesa boogie nomad mesa boogie studio mesa boogie triaxis mesa boogie triple mesa cab mesa cabs mesa dual mesa dual rectifier mesa dual recto mesa mark mesa nomad mesa rectifier mesa recto mesa road king mesa triaxis mexican strat midi controller midi foot midi foot controller midi footcontroller midi pedal mini toggle modded ibanez monster cable mxr evh phase neck finish neck humbucker neck pickups neck pup neck thru noise suppressor overdrive pedal paf joe paf pro paf pro neck paf pros parker fly parker fly classic patrick eggle paul reed paul reed smith paul stanley pearl pickguard peavey bandit peavey classic peavey jsx peavey jsx head peavey ultra peavey wolfgang peavey wolfgang special peavey wolfgang standard peavey xxl peavey xxx head pedal board peterson strobostomp petrucci model phil collen pickup combination pickup ring piezo system pitch shifter planet waves planet waves cables playing guitar pod pro power amp power amps practice amp pro neck pro pickups prs guitar prs guitars prs mccarty pyramid inlay pyramid inlays rack setup rack system rack wah randy rhoads recto cab reed smith reverse headstock rich warlock richard fay rivera tbr rocktron chameleon rocktron hush rocktron intellifex rocktron midi mate rocktron piranha rocktron velocity rocktron voodu valve rocktron xpression roland cube rosewood board rosewood fretboard rusty cooley sansamp psa scalloped fretboard schaller locking schaller locking tuners schecter revenger seymour duncan seymour duncan pickups seymour duncans shark tooth inlays sharktooth inlay sharktooth inlays slant cab soldano slo sonic maximiser sonic maximizer sonic stomp space rack speaker cab squier strat squire strat steve vai strap lock strap locks strat plus strat style string acoustic super distortion super overdrive teese rmc thd hotplate tobacco sunburst toggle switch tone zone bridge triple rectifier triple recto truss cover trussrod cover tube amp tube combo tube combos tube distortion tube tone tung oil tuning system twin reverb usa custom exotic wood usa custom shop van halen volume pedal volume pedals voodoo lab voodoo labs voodu valve vox tonelab vox valvetronix vox wah wah pedal warmoth neck warmoth strat whammy pedal white pearl pickguard wolfgang special yamaha pacifica yamaha rgx yjm strat yngwie strat zakk wylde zone bridge
  8. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Hey guys-I was wondering what would be a good cheap noise gate for my rig. I am running a MP-1 through a Carvin power amp with a Midiverb 4 in the effects loop. It's got some serious hiss to it. I'm gonna buy new tubes for the MP-1, but I'll still probably need a gate. I was thinking about...
  9. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    I am very interested in knowing what amps you play through live, how much time is it clean/dirty/solo, and why did you choose them?   Just wondering if I am missing anything comparable in size but better sounding (I need to try a small Boogie Mark IV). I'm using a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.  Why...
  10. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    What is this switch for? I know it's to make it from a 100watt head or combo into a 50watt combo. The only advantage I can think of is to drive the tubes more. But then if you can drive the tubes easier why would you want it to be 100watts?
1-12 of 12 Results