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mesa boogie nomad

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    Finally got the Mesa Boogie paid off. A very clean(looks hardly touched) Mesa Boogie Nomad 45 212. I can't wait to hear the new guitar parts and music I've been writing as they're intended. Pics later.
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    Hey all Anyone here ever got John petrucci's sound? If so, what did you guys use? I saw the Live at Budokan DVD yesterday and i realised that [email protected]@rd stole my dream tone :p
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    Item : Mesa Boogie Nomad 45 2x12 Combo Description : This is a Mesa Boogie Nomad 45 2x12 Combo Amp that I purchased from **** last year. I had the local Mesa Boogie Authorized Repair Centre look this Amp over and gave it the thumbs up. I wish I had the time to fully appreciate this amp but I am...
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    Pictures would be highly appreciated. I love to see amps. It must me something clinical. :) This is my stuff: - '49 Grommes Precision Custom Hi-Fi amp converted into a Fender Deluxe 5E3 - '67 Fender BF Bassman - '70 Fender SF Vibrochamp - '76 Fender SF Champ - '89 Marshall 5005 Lead12 -...
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    Does/has anyone run a PODXTLive into a tube amp and what is your opinion of the sound? I think the Vetta II is cool but since the XTLive has most of the same effects, etc. I wonder if it would sound much better plugged into say a clean channel on a good tube amp vs the solid state amp in the...
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    ive just got a fender hot rod deluxe and it sounds great! the only probelem is that when i switch from distortion to clean using the footswitch, there is a loud click and a slight delay. is this a common probelem? does anyone know how to rectify this? thanks for any input t
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    hi folks! its about time i`m gonna get meself a real amp. i`m dubbing between a mesa boogie nomad 45 212 or a nomad55 212. anybody here can me some good advice? thank you so much, patricia
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    i would like to get a mesa boogie nomad 45 2x12 . Description & Condition: as long as it functions without any flaws, and i know the age of the tubes, condition isn't a big concern. I dont mind some rips in the tolex or whatever. Asking Price: I would like to stay under 700 shipped My...
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    i was wondering weather to get one of these or spend a load of money getting single effects im not sure, is this floorboard any good?
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    Mmesa boogie nomad 45 1x12 As new condition hardly used, with original manual Looking for £700 ono but may will consider trades for jsut about anything guitar/amp orientated, if you're interested just mail me with what you've got and I'll get back to you. Can be picked up from either Andover...
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    Item for sale: Mesa Boogie Nomad 45 2x12 Combo Description & Condition: 45 Watt EL84 powered 2x12 combo amplifier. Loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. Has 3 channels, each channel has 2 voicings or modes. Channel 1 (clean) has normal mode and pushed mode, Channel 2 (crunch) has...
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    Mesa boogie nomad 45 1x12, as new condition, great amp but I'm bored and fancy a change so wanna trade it with someone, quite fancy an old marshall, maybe an orange or fender, would love an egnater if anyone has one kicking about :) but anything considered email me at skipworkgoride(at)gmail dot...
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    Hello all & welcome. Any new, regular or returning member can feel free to introduce themselves here :) .. glen related threads: * Jemsite Users Nicknames (usernames) - just curious.. * New members: Locations please!
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    As it says really, I need a Distortion pedal/Rack/thing ! To spice up my Laney LC15R (i know but after having my gear nicked it's nice) Any ideas ? Rob
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    Hi - I need advice on my next amp purchase. First some background. I live in an apartment and I play for leisure. I play play mostly old school metal, i.e., testament, metallica, megadeth, king diamond. Anyway i have owned several amps, the last 2 being a mesa boogie nomad 45 and a tech...
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    I got a Black Ibanez 7620 on the block here. Its in pretty decent shape, has a few scrathes and nicks. I am interested in a few trades if anyone is interested. Ibanez RGT-42 (Perferably with the new Edge Trem) ESP MH-400 Mesa Boogie Nomad Combo (Ill toss in some cash) I want a Guitar with a...
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    Hey guys, ive been looking for some sound clips from the Mesa Boogie Nomad, but all the ones from this site dont work anymore.... Can someone possibly record some and post them? I wanna hear how it sounds. Thanks Dew
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    Not sure if this has been covered before - apologize if so..... What is everyone's signal-chain look like? The order in which your pedals go makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE in your sound and most players don't really spend alot of time on this stuff. Some pedals "create" sound and some "mold" sound...
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    I play in a cover band and need a small combo. Must be versatile as we play everything from rock to funk to blues. Just a good sounding, small amp. Right now I have a Marshall 30th anniversary head and it sounds good but very one dimensional. I can't get anything other than that rock sound from...
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    Hey there, just reaching out to ask if any UK guys can help me. I've had my house broken into and amongst other things my 7620 and my mesa boogie nomad were stolen :( sucks... I'm insured, however I go away to the states this friday for two weeks and really needed the 7 string to go with me...