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    i wanted to repaint my old kramer MIJ focus 2000, just picked it up for cheap, and i couldn't get out all of the pick scratches so i decided to repaint.. i was interested in swirling it, and after a lot of research here and through google and you tube, i decided to give it a whirl (or...
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    I have a '91 RG770DX. From what I can find online, the violet wasn't released until 1992, but the serial number on mine dates it to 1991 (the serial is F157707). Its still got the stock pups and its a beauty. To get to the point, I am GASing for a new amp and bad. I don't know if I can part with...
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    This thing is flawless, there is some oxidization on the knobs and neck plate. but other than that no scratches and 2 small nicks that are barely noticeable. It has a Dimarzio Super distortion in the bridge and a SD 59' in the neck, the mid pickup is stop and isn't wired but works fine...I...
1-3 of 3 Results