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mick thompson model

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    Very wow. Ibanez didn't disappoint with this guitar as of the cost to features rule. It has easy access neck, EMP pickups IBZ V7 (Vintage 7) pickup is tight, but bright. Very dynamic for chording and rhythm. IBZ V8 (Vintage 8) pickup is a warm, yet articulate lead pickup with enhanced overtones...
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    End of November, already! And we didn't get much news about what is going on in Fujigen plant for 2008. So, this is a call to anyone who could have picked here or there pieces of info about next year line-up. Please,feed my GAS!
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    Ok so i know that most people here like the Jem, Js, and PGM signature guitars. So why doesn't anyone like any other signature models? Is it beacuse you think they look like [email protected]? Is it beacuse you don't like the artist that has their name on it? Have you actually played one and found that...
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    I'm in the market for a new guitar at the moment and I came across the RGA321 which is within my budget and looks perfect (minus the pickups). However, i'm trying to identify if its the same one I saw in this video: http://www.gearwire.com/ibanez-rg-archtop.html It fits the description, but the...
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    Where can I buy one, and can I install one on my JS, or any other FR equipped guitar? Thanks! smitty And please dont tell me to buy a JS2000, cuz I would if I could find one.
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    Just a thought guys and gals - it's the anniversary of the Jem AND the RG series this year. There's lots of talk of a 20th Jem but what about a 20th RG? I'd certainly buy one if the spec and colours were good :D
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    Quite a while ago, the Dragonforce website reported that Herman Li was working with Ibanez in developing his own signature model Ibanez. I have not heard anything else about it since then, however. Has anyone heard anything concerning the project? I would imagine it would be heavily based on...
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    Hey guys... I'm new arround here and I'm portuguese so, please, be patient because my english is only at 60%.. So, lets get to business, I play mostly metal and hard rock (pantera, nickelback, slipknot, alterbridge, fear factory...) and I have a dual rectifier. I'm looking for a new guitar...
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    check out the snipet of an article from ultimate guitar. i know a lot of you dont like korn but.... owell. What sort of guitars do you take out on the road with you? For this tour we're doing right now, I have about ten Ibanez seven string guitars with me. For instance at the moment we're...
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    I tried this guitar for the first time today and holy crap that thing plays so nicely....there a couple of things that drew me to it...#1 John Petrucci, hes a phenomenal player with a great sound...#2 the paint job blew my mind... and #3 everyone looks at it like it shouldn't be touched... I...
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    start making guitars with emg hz on, atleast on the more expensive guitars
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    http://www.hvguitar.com/showart.asp?art_id=211&cat_id=1 **** 7 sig!!! **** yea!
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    Not sure if this is old news or not but here goes anyways.... I don't know if anyone realizes it but there were only a run of 36 of these beasts for the entire world (NAMM prototypes). Then they made a limited run of about 50-100 or so for public consumption. I've got #26 it has the swirled...
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    Does any one know here what are the new JEM models in 2006? It will be great if Ibanez reissue GMC or PMC.
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    Spotted this in a live video from Big Day Out posted on urbanchaosvideos.com, he's playing a red (possibly burst?) neckthrough Ibanez with a reverse headstock, looks sweet :D