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    very good condition on these guys, had them mounted and rarely sent signal through. a bit of wear on a couple of the mics, but fully functional in hardcase. great sounding mic set, perfect for gigging and recording. $250+shipping and fees rich
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    same premise as the microphone thread. let's see what mic pres you guys have going on in your studios. right now i only have 3 main ones, but looking to get a few more. i have the presonus firestudio with 2 additional digimax d8 pres/adat convertors, but the actual preamps are: focusrite...
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    this is more for the project/serious studio guys, but anyone feel free to join in. for me: got a mojave audio ma-200 on the way got an adk hamburg on the way sennheiser e835(5, for live/scratch vox) shure sm57(1) shure sm-58(3) shure beta 52 akg c3000 akg c2000b akg c1000 akg c5 audix fusion 7...
1-3 of 3 Results