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    Hi, If someone have it to sell, I will buy if in good condition and working 100% OK I'm in Europe (Belgium) Payment with verified PayPal account ;) Best REGARDS
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    I have a gig next week and i still can't figure out how to set up the midi. I found the lexicon g2 has a user program from #251 to #300 How would I control a set up something like lexicon 251 with piranha #1? I plugged 7 pin midi out from R1 -> midi in/remote to G2 -> 5 pin thru from G2...
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    Hey, guys. I just got back from GC and got meself a new peavey vypyr that works. I was going to pickup a midi to usb cable for it so I can download all the patches but they wanted 40 bucks for a little packet. Does anyone know which type of hookup i need? The ones I see on the bay only have the...
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    I've had this unit for 3 months. It is in mint condition. Switches silently and instantly. Instrument or line level. Axess makes a great product, and it is simple to program with midi changes (program and CC). Pictures on request. Looking for $200.
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    Up for sale/trade is my Rocktron Midi mate, fantastic little Midi controller, perfect for controlling rack gear. The reason why I'm getting rid of it is because I got the Abacus now, and just don't need it, I hate to see things collect dust. Its a little beat up cosmetically, but its in perfect...
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    Hi, I just purchased EZdrummer and EZdrummer Solo[no host required] i am trying to connect the keyboards to be able to play live drums with EZdrummer. so far i managed to play with the loops using Cubase, but i want to drum live on the keyboards and i don't know how to connect it so the keyboard...
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    I just got an extra MIDI foot controller from my friend and I would like to use it with my amp I have an amp that has a standard 5-pin MIDI In... and the foot controller uses a 7-pin MIDI connection and can only be powered through phantom power with the MIDI cable (explains why it uses a 7-pin)...
41-47 of 47 Results