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    Hey all, Just a request for assistance in settling a minor argument/ discussion regards to modes. I have been recently trying to acquaint myself with modes and learning scale patterns for them. A friend of mine and I got into discussing them and when I bring up examples he completely confuses...
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    Hey guys. I'm an old 51 year old guy that has been playing forever. I can almost play any song within reason that I hear that I want to figure out, but I don't always know what I'm playing. LOL. I mean, I know what key it's in and I can of course tell what the tempo is, etc, and I know the...
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    I am in no way affiliated with this site; I just thought it was awesome and it helped me out in my playing so I wanted to post it up. Just about any chord or scale/mode you could want is a click away and it's free to use no signing up for anything and no strings attached. It says I can't post...
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    So I'm just getting into theory in a serious way, and I've been reading about modes and a lot of information seems to be very vague on applyling modes. Say I'm playing over a chord progression in C, a simple I IV V so C,F,G (Major) in my head I'm thinking I've got two choices, I can play in C...
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    Is there an easier way of changing guitar modes quickly? like going to change from G Ionian to G Phrygian takes a bit of a while for me to figure out while I'm improvising :sad:
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    Not sure how I found this but anyone who is interested in soloing over any or all of the 7 major modes (in the key of A) there is a cool backing track album on Itunes (and maybe other places too, I don't know). The artist is Jon Hall. You can look him up by his name. Thank me later.
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    Frank Gambale - Modes No More Mystery PAL DVD. This was originally recorded back in the 80's or 90's but still remains a very useful reference for studying the applied modes for the guitar. As new condition, includes original booklet. This is a PAL disc so will work in the UK and Europe...
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    Could anyone tell me what mode the second part of the solo on Psycho Monkey from Crystal Planet is in? The bit after the C# phrygian. I've got to tab the solo out for a lesson I'm giving and this would help a lot.
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    Is a (insert mode) dominant the same as that mode in the dominant key? Eg: F Phrygian (root F) Phrygian dominant = C (Phrygian root C) What are the differences in terms of b2 b3 etc?