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    Hey guys, after being on the market for a while I finally found the right guitar, a JP6 in Graphite Pearl! Pics from the previous owner: And today my buddy snapped a few with my Carbon blue JP7 as well. The previous owner said it was an 06 model and has been in the case for most of it's...
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    As i am not sure what would be a ok or good price for a Musicman John Petrucci6. I don't see them for sele so often here, some seems expensive and some not,and in US they don't seem that expensive new, so i am a little confused. I guess the are less without the piezo. Do you guys have any...
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    Ernie Ball Music Man JP6 This is a 2001 JP6. It's the amazing Blue Dawn burst/sparkle finish that was discontinued and reissued later as a limited edition. It has matching headstock and inlay options. No piezo. There are a few dings/nicks in the body and a ding near the head stock. The...
1-3 of 4 Results