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    Hi! I'm selling my beautiful Ibanez Maxxas MX3-MA in 9.5/10 condition! It only has a sign on the back of the body which is very small ( the photos also show it). The rest of the guitar is in amazing condition. It's very difficult to find one of this guitars in magma finish in near-mint...
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    I'm looking to sell my Maxxas MX-3 in the Black Hole colour - green fading into black. Condition has to be 9.8/10, the only chip being the one pictured right on the point of the headstock. Turns out photographing it outside hasn't done much for the colour, so I'll post some indoor pictures ASAP...
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    Hi All, Thought this would be a cool pic to start presenting my Ibanez collection. I've been a Maxxas fan for a few years, so I did spend some time to find all these MX2 and MX3's.. but the really cool one is the MX5 at the bottom. I'm still looking for an MX4 btw :wink:
1-3 of 3 Results