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mxr evh
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    Throne Room Coming Messiah OD v1 velcro $130 MXR EVH Phase 90 velcro $80 Dunlop GCB95 Crybaby(battery cover clip broke) $40 Line 6 M5 velcro I got this pedal in a trade and it started acting up a couple of weeks later. the output seems to surge from time to time $100 OBO All pedals in great...
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    I have a three pedals for sale. All three are about 3 months old, purchased new, adult owned, dead MINT no velcro, in box with box candy. Not a scratch on any of them. Nova Delay ND-1 (not the nova repeater) includes power supply. $165 shipped and pp'd conus. Corona Chorus with USB cable...
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    Vox AC30 CC2 $900 Egnater Tourmaster 4212 $1000 MXR EVH Phase 90 $100 MXR EVH Flanger $130 Digitech Whammy IV $120 Fulltone Clyde Standard Wah $160 Peterson Strobostomp 2 $150 Pedals include shipping, Amps do not! DM me for pics!
1-3 of 3 Results