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    Here's my new gig guitar - Modified Reverend Jetstream HB with: - Joe Naylor's new Railhammer "Chisel" Pickups. - Korina Body, Flame Maple Top, routed for up-pull on the Wilkinson Trem 2 full steps on the open G string. - Reverse headstock, Bound rosewood board, 25 1/2" maple neck, locking...
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    Maxon Distortion Master DS 830 - $125 *OBO BOSS Chrous Ensemble CE-5 - $50 OBO DOD Bi-Fet Preamp FX10 - $50 OBO NAYLOR SUPER-DRIVE 60 2x12 cab w/roadcase - (AMPLESS-NO AMP) 2x12 cab and road case (which also fits an AC30)... It's an Eastpoint made in '96 (again, cab w/original Special Design...
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    Naylor SuperDrive 60 (1996 Eastpoint MI era) 2x12 combo cabinet- JUST THE CABINET AND SPEAKERS WITH ROAD CASE ***NO AMP*** - $600 (It is the one pictured with the electronics pulled from it and not a seperate 2x12 cabinet - the road case alone cost over $300). Also, if you have a pre 1998 SD60...
1-3 of 3 Results