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neck binding
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    Hi Guys, is the finishing on the 8470 neck binding is very thin? does that mean the wood will be left bare naked after the finishing has wear off? was wondering why they would want to use this method on such a high end ibanez. doesnt it makes the guitar more vulnerable? does it improve the...
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    Is it just me, or is anyone else not extremely compelled to buy a new, off the shelf Ibanez these days? Apart from the obvious reasons (such as lack of colors, finishes, no Edge tremolo, etc), it seems as if the older Ibanezes (c. pre 2000-ish) are of much better quality. Everytime I play one of...
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    so, a buddy of mine gave me his Epiphone Les Paul Custom, after giving up on it... he WAS going to renovate it, but he just didn´t care enough, and so donated it to me... it´s originally black clearcoat, but he´s spraypainted it green and used some sort of clearcoat spray on top of it, all of...
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    This arrived today from Japan and I managed to avoid custom fees, Im very happy it is absolutely mint, only thing is Im not sure if Im keeping it as I have a RG2770 arriving and I cant afford both, this was an impulse buy which I didn't think I'd get!!!
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    The mahogany/flame combo is turning me off! I think that would sound too warm, so I'd like to ask for thoughts on this?
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    I am looking at an J Custom HRG1 FM. It has a 5A Flamed maple top, bolt on neck. Anyone know anything about these guitars - can't find much on them.
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    Hi, I've spent a bit of time searching but there has been a lot of RG models over the years. Have there been any RG models with a trem AND neck binding? I'm sure there must have been and I'm being dumb... Thanks John
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    I'd much rather prefer to trade it straight up for a black 7421, or a black 7621 (I would also add, say $100, give or take a few depending on the condition). No 7321's, please. It has faux binding as you can see, however the pics are from before it had back binding applied to it (so the front...
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    has anyone seen this before? if so, have you got anymore info about it? thanks (pic from musik-messe 2007)
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    How comes ibanez no longer uses ebony for the j-customs and how comes they no longer use this construction style and no longer put this writing on the back of the headstock: i thought that wood construction gave it an extra touch of class and further distinguished it from the prestige line...
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    Im looking for some good pictures of any guitar, 7 string would be preferred, with ebony FB and black neck binding and white neck binding to compare. I know the Cooley dean has ebony/black binding but I can only find the picture thats on Deans site in which you cant see the neck binding.
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    I actually posted this over on the J-Custom thread, but thought that since it's got JEM content, I'd try over here as well. . . Opinion needed. . . Okay, I'm getting kid of 'gassy', so I was thinking about what guitar to pick up next (in the very near future). I don't currently have an...
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    if both where offered to u free, which one would u have? I would have the 10th
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    Hi folks, Up for sale is my first Ibanez purchase - a 1994 RG670DXBK. It's the same model as the one in this thread: http://www.jemsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=52231 Specs are: * 1994 RG670DXBK (very rare guitar) * One piece maple neck * Maple 'board with black sharktooth inlays * White...
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    This picture is NOT the JEM77VBK. Scroll down for the actual pic. Now imagine that with the gold all the same hue, or the vine possibly being white/pearloid. I designed that a while ago and was wondering if anyone knew anything else about the looks of the new regular prodection JEM.
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    Hello ~~ can anyone tell me what is the main different between RG 1570 and RG 2570 ? i found that only the finish is different .... it that only the different between these two model ? thanks ~ !!
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    Here's the link. Anyone have any info on this guitar. http://page6.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/f48323108
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    Hi, I'm looking into a neck for a swirl jem body i got off Richard Fay and love the neck on my usa custom (ultra profile, white binding) - just a high quality neck in my opinion - and the binding just makes the neck feel a bit more professional (subjective word!) to me. Obviously it comes...
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    What do you think, its not much to look at but definately a shred machine. Im not sure how these things will sell since he's the only person on earth that needs those specs to do what he does.
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    Ok due to some not liking the really exotics like spalted maple, and burls of my 3D Jems I made one for the purist in us all.. Mahogany Body, Flame Maple top with natural binding Zebra Pickups, Cosmo Hardware And of course Abalone Binding.. Enjoy Brett **** High Resolution 1600x1200...
41-60 of 193 Results