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    Hey! Someone here who have the tone zone or the air zone in neck position? I know that some paul Gilbert-models have TZ in neck(and bridge). I have a jem7vwh with a stock evo in bridge, and the PAF Pro in neck. I changed from evo-neck to PAF Pro to get that vintage open wowelsound. I also have...
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    I just received my ibanez rg1570l and i want to change the pickups. I am going to put a Tonezone in the bridge and a PAF Pro in the neck. I know the tonezone needs to be f-spaced but what about the PAF Pro in the neck position? Does the neck position also have to be F-spaced? If it isn't will...
  3. Pickups & wiring
    Those of you who have played these, what is the defineing difference? I plan on getting a RG soon and want a sound to contrast with my Evo's. I want a pickup that warmer than my Evo's that will cover from fusion to metal.(Bridge)
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    I was in the local shop yesterday and wound up (as usual) talking with the luthier there who's been a good friend for 20+ years, and I was retelling my tale of woe regarding the ongoing search for my ideal guitar. I buy, sell, buy another, sell it....continually looking for "THAT" guitar. He...
  5. Pickups & wiring
    hello ppl, i need some opinions. i'm thinking about changing the stock humbuckers on my RG with EMG HZ H4 humbuckers. the single coil in the middle stays. the model is RG350LTD, '99 and it has 2 IBZ V6F humbuckers on both bridge and neck position. the reason im going for HZs is because i'm...
  6. Pickups & wiring
    hi guys and gals, relitively new here but i was hoping for some help on pickups. right here's the situation ive applied for a music course, had the interveiw went well had a massive chat with the interveiwer as he was a vai fan too, played my two peices (one - metallica and some improv blues...
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    Item for sale: Description & Condition: White strat pickguard (HSS configuration) with a Dimarzio Super Distortion pickup (f spaced) and two Fender Lace pups (middle and neck position). One vol, two tone knobs and a 5 way pickup selector switch. Asking Price: $85 shipped in the CONUS My...
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    Which pup selector setting do you find you choose most often?
  9. Pickups & wiring
    Hi all I want to replace my Dimarzio/IBZ pickups on my new RG 2550. I want the sound from earlyer period of Vai. Is paf PafPro will sound good on bridge and neck position on my rg2550 body? Dimitar
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    I have a Dimarzio Super Distortion, Duncan Distortion and 2 Duncan Staggered Singles for trade. I need a neck humbucker like a PAF, PAF Pro, Duncan 59 or Lil 59. Please let me know what you have - Color and spacing not important. Thanx, Pete
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    hi all just seeing what the general opinions are on this setup, im looking to put a air norton in the neck position and a blue or red velvet inb the mid and then a tonezone in the bridge, whats your opinions on this , im getting rid of the stock ibz pups and arent to sure what to use i think...
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    I've put a AN7 in the neck position of my RG1527 and I wonder if changing orientation (screw pole pieces towards neck or towards bridge) would alter significantly the tone. I have put mine with the screws on the neck side. I wonder because the AN7 does not sound as I expected and I have seen...
  13. Pickups & wiring
    I've heard alot of bad press on them. Many people have been saying that they're nothing compared to EVO's so really, what is your opinion on it? I'm tempted to get a JEM7DBK (Or whatever it's called - it has a textured black finish. I'm a bit tired so i'm sorry if i got the name wrong :p), but...
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    Item for sale: 1 seymour duncan duncan distortion bridge pickup and 1 Ibanez v series 1985 blade humbucker pickup for neck position these were in a x series I parted and sold Description & Condition: They are in good condition sound wise they sounded awsome they are regular spacing the duncan...
  15. Dave Weiner Official Forum Archive (NEW LOCATION)
    Going through my pics from the tour, I found these. Steve playing my hardtail: www.daveweiner.com/vaidwhardtail.html I remember this was during soundcheck in San Diego. Steve wanted to write a new song based on the 7 string. Thought I'd share. Dave
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    I'm selling my Ibanez SZ320MH. I've done a few mods to it that have improved the guitar quite a bit. Very good condition as you can see from the photos. With my mods I'd say much better than new. There are some small scratches and dings here and there. Nothing major. Overal the guitar...
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    I got my new Dean Far Beyond Driven Dimebag Tribute ML a few days ago, it's perfect! (except for the lame dime quad sticker) Anyone else given it a try?
  18. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    I was wondering because it looks like the Paf Joe but the reviews on harmony central everyone was saying the neck is a Paf Pro. I just tried a JS2000 at a local music store and the neck p/u tone just blew me away!!!!
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    i have a used ibanez 570 coming in and i think its pretty much stock, what changes should i have done to it, im planning on putting some emgs in it.
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    Hi There! Im New to the jemsite and Its really cool! I have been wondering for a while about this: I bought a ToneZone and a Fred pickup to stick into my custom Ibanez RG project guitar. But once they were installed I realized that the pole pieces didnt aling with the strings. I was told that I...