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necromancers castle

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    Good day everyone, I am thinking of doing an impulse purchase of a Necromancers Castle. The guitar is not in collector condition, non-original pickups, a fair bit of pitting and corrosion on the trem. The seller is asking $1500.00. I've done a little looking around, and that seems a bit...
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    I have wanted this one since I saw one in a store early in the 90's Finally time was right with availability and cash. It has seen its tough times though so it was about time to get home to dad and be loved ;-) It will still need more original parts to complete, and I had to dismantle...
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    So i finally found a Usa Necromancers Castle after my long search, now just got to wait for her get here. Post some pictures when i get her.:smile:
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    Up for trade are two Ibanez USA custom graphic's - One is a Necromancers castle in HSS and the other is an Iceworld in HSH. Here's the deal - I need to get down to guitars I play and I'm trying to match to the other three guitars I play (a usa custom, and two RG550's all square heel), I've got...
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    Does anyone have a necromancer's castle rg that they would be willing to part with, PLEASE let me know, I love the graphics its awsome....:razz: