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neon knobs

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    I am looking to buy a neon colored switch tip for an rg550 project of mine. Also I will take Knobs if you guys have neon knobs as well. Thank you for your time. Pictures help pink or yellow or green preferred
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    Hey Guys This is my RG570 If that link doesn't work it looks like this /Users/Themi/Desktop/RG Possibilities/Picture 3.png I'm getting a sustainer installed and I don't think i'd like the look of an extra knob and two switches without them being seperated by a pickguard(if you know what I...
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    evil bay has this one(#260175575758 ) I have seen it a couple times on there. I would like to see what everyone thinks of this. I really want a RG550, but is this legit or ?? Please educate me if this is crap. Thanks~
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    I don't have mine yet :( So I can't post them now, but I want every owner on here to post pics! ONLY PICS NO TALK LOL
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    Don't you just love the RG? Left to right they are: 1987/8 RG550RF 1994 RG670DXVM 1991 RG770DXLB 1987/8 RG550RF 1994 RG670DXBK I also have two RG20ths (an RG550MXXDY and an RG550MXXRF) on order:
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    If, and that's a big 'IF', I manage to secure one (still got to sell my Les Paul Custom) I'm gonna keep mine all stock. How about you guys?
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    I thought about it for a minute, but decided against it. Maybe if there were more interesting colors, or dimarzios instead of the Ibanez pickups, but I'll probably by a strat this year if I get a new guitar at all. But I know someone here is gonna get one and love it and make me feel stupid...
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    I recieved my swirl body from www.richardfayguitars.co.uk this morning. It looks absolutly fantastic and the swirl finish is very professionally done. I am now very keen to get this guitar rocking! I basically only have a body, so i need everything else, ive made a rough list below, if you have...
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    Hi, I'm trying to find these original "painted" neon knobs, from JEM&UNIVERSE. If you do have these in good condition I'm buying them. Let me know, Janne
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    Hi, I'm looking these original "painted" neon knobs..mainly the green one's but other's too.Condition must be mint. And Europe would be the first choice. Thank's, Janne
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    I want some neon Green or Orange, or Pink, doesnt really matter much, but neon colored Volume and Tone Knobs and a lever switch tip for my up-coming Ibanez projects. Ibanez used to sell the little accessory packs with the knobs and stuff, they dont anymore because the 80's are over. I heard...
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    Hi, im aware that universal jems and allparts makes some of the neon knobs, but the color is somewhat too bright. So what im asking is, Do any of you have any Green Knobs forsale? Thanks, Andy
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    Try to get an idea on how you guys see your Ibanez's as would/couldave optioned from Ibanez. Edited (Gabriel has now modded it even more...)
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    Where can i get Colored Knobs and selector tips for a Jem Guitar!?