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    Hey gang, big sports fan here, as many of you already know... Just wondering if anybody wants to chat about NFL playoffs. What team(s) are you going for? Who do you think will win the games this weekend? Any Superbowl predictions? Here are a few of my thoughts regarding this weekend's...
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    With the NFL preseason underway and the regular season only a few weeks away I thought I would start this thread. In addition to guitars and music, I love sports, and the NHL BS thread on this site has been a lot of fun, so why not have some fun BS'ing about football too :) btw, CFL football...
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    2012 NFL season, baby! Peyton looked good yesterday! Getting ready to watch my Bengals vs the Jets. Yeah, it's only preseason-but it's football. Who Dey!!!
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    Well as some of you may be aware I started to watch the NFL last year and really enjoyed my first season watching the sport. As a virgin to the NFL I have had a lot to learn about Gridiron and American Football and after much deliberation I settled on the New York Jets as MY team - with a soft...
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    We have recently being getting a lot better coverage of the NFL in Australia. Having never previously been a fan of Gridiron, I have found that I now seem to be enjoying the game for some very strange reason. The one problem I now have is who do I support as having 'a team' always makes any...
1-5 of 5 Results