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    Okay here a strat that has seen nearly every spray job, and been swirled before also, but I hated it so it went away with the sanding pad. I hope you like it. It's cream, purple and black. Man I need a better camera. http://www.outofthisswirled.com HAGO al ps I will change the pictures...
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    Hi here are a few pics of my attempt at recreating Darrens original style of swirling in the PAW theme. I hope you like them. HAGO al http://www.outofthisswirled.com
  3. Dna Sample Pic

    Dna Sample Pic

    My take on Darren's ATD style.
  4. Vendors, Auction & Reseller Talk
    Hi all, here are a couple of pics of some DNA tests I did. I hope you like them. the colors are slightly washed out by the flash, I can assure you they are VERY bright. HAGO al