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    While Hamer stopped selling guitars a while ago, there were still some custom orders being finished. This also causes issues for Guild, which had a fantastic new acoustic line. FENDER MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS CORPORATION TO CLOSE NEW HARTFORD, CONN. FACILITY; OVATION® TO CEASE U.S. PRODUCTION...
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    Very special Ibanez! Real vintage, PERFECT condition! Year 1975, for sale cos I need money. Price is 600 euros. Pics avalaible, e mail me at: [email protected] EMG's microphone invisible amplification inside. Professional bag included Here 1pic...
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    Here I am.
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    Ok, so I've been looking at used Ovations for a friend. She wants to pick one up for her boyfriend for Christmas for around $200. We've driven over an hour each way to check out 2 so far. An Ovation Celebrity and Ovation Ultra. Both had super high action. Virtually impossible to play, and...
1-4 of 4 Results