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  1. Pickups & wiring
    I know this sounds crazy to be interested in changing the original Breed pickup in my 7dbk, but I have a PAF Pro 151 sitting around and I'm thinking about swapping it for the bridge pickup in my Jem...... am I crazy or what? I use four different Ibanez guitars in my live rig, and my Jem is a...
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    This came in my Iceman, and has been fully rewound to as new by Tim at Bare Knuckle. Bare Knuckle engraved Nickel baseplate, awesome hot paf sound, f-spaced, zebra. Lovely warm sounding rock pickup in a "Vintage Hot" Van Halen styley. Boxed with all wire, screws, springs. details on request...
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    hi all, looking for Paf Pro or Fred (f spaced) black and cream. In the region of about £50 please! thanks
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    thats all about guitar
  5. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    I just recieved a 1988 Jem 77FP and unfortuneately the pickups were whacked on it (mix of duncans). I tried a couple of things I had lying around (Fred, Dimebucker) but the sound is just too thin and harsh in my oppinion. I am looking to either restore it with pink or green PAF Pros or Evos. I...
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    as above for sale, details below 1) Paf Pro Zebra Black/Cream, F Spaced, as new very little use and plently of lead left £40 2) Jem Single Coil, Black - completely new only unwrapped to check £40 Bought for a project that never came to light Will sell seperate - paypal or both together for...
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    From my research and the resistance on these pickups, we've got a Vintage Dimarzio PAF as well as 2 Vintage Dimarzio Super Distortion pickups. They are all $25 each which includes shipping in the lower 48 states of USA. If you want all 3, you can have them for $70 shipped. PAF has 8 inches of...
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    finally i can talk to other ibanez players!!
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    Do i have to post a new message to create a new user??
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    I have a Dimarzio PAF in my les paul and it sounds really good but it is paired with a much hotter Duncan JB pickup in the bridge. So i would like to trade the Dimarzio for a hotter pup, but not hotter than a JB. I think i would be looking for a Dimarzio PAF Pro or Dimarzio Breed (neck), or...
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    Hey guys I'm looking for a new bridge pickup for my LP. I want one of these two models: DOUBLE BLACK or ZEBRA Rio Grande BBQ w/ 4-conductor wiring or DOUBLE BLACK or ZEBRA (Vintage Glossy Bobbins) Dimarzio 36th Anniversary PAF Bridge DP223 w/ 4-conductor wiring Pickups and pedals I have...
  12. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    Hey guys I'm looking for a nice PAF style neck pickup for my les paul. MUST BE: - NICKEL COVERED - NECK POSITION (Normal Spaced) - 4-CONDUCTOR WIRING I'd really like a Dimarzio 36th anniversary neck pickup, but tell me what ya have and how much you want for it and I'll think about it. Thanks...
  13. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    I'm looking for a deal on a set of Tonezone and Air Norton humbuckers in black. I would also consider other Dimarzio's. Just let me know what you have.
41-53 of 53 Results