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    Hi, Pamelina emailed this over and i thought the interest at jemsite would be obvious as her work was featured with the USA Customs in the early 90s. Some fantastic work... glen Hello! I'm pursuing my biggest venture yet - opening an art gallery! I've been very busy the last 2 years building...
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    hi. i'm thinkin' bout buing this rg flame body on ebay. does anyone now anything about these japan made custom colours? is this the same as the pamelina guitar made in late 90'! Cheers it's on ebay com. ibanez rg custom japan search "ibanez rg custom japan"
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    Just got it. Factory scalloped neck. Plays great !! Sounds awesome !!
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    How rare is the 1990 Pamelina winged being and what around is it worth? I have seen very few other winged beings that are 91-92 but never a 90 winged being. It is listed as just ucgr for 1990 and the 91-92 model number is ucgr2. Any info on this weapon would be greatful. Number on neck is...
1-4 of 4 Results