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    When the FRM200 came out I kind of liked it but to be honest I'm not at all excited about owning more than one 22 fret guitar these days. The FRM150 is more than enough. BUT I'm digging the idea of the triple mini config. But, honestly, I can't shell out the money for the PGM333 - which is...
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    I stumbled upon a pretty fresh 1991 PGM100 for $650, would that be considered a good deal? It's the jewel blue one with pink f-holes.
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    Looks good, but I hate those crappy fixed bridges. Tight-End-R in gold would look so much better. Or EdgeFx :)
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    Hi! I have a PGM10TH for sale. Info and pics here. "https://reverb.com/item/6562957-ibanez-pgm10th" If you have any questions just pm me or mail me.
  5. Pgm800


    Hangin out on my bench at Reverend Guitars ( the Circle R Ranch )
  6. Pgm800 Controls & F Hole

    Pgm800 Controls & F Hole

  7. Pgm800 Headstock

    Pgm800 Headstock

  8. Ibanez Pgm800

    Ibanez Pgm800

  9. Pgm200


  10. Ibanez Pgm200

    Ibanez Pgm200

  11. Ibanez Pgm301 Jay Jacks

    Ibanez Pgm301 Jay Jacks

    Getting my shred on with the PGM301!
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    Howdy all, first post! Ok, I've got major GAS for the Ibanez RG550 20th anniversary guitar. After looking at the specs though, I'm wondering if the RG2550 may be a better choice. From what I can tell, the differences are that the 2550 has the edge pro trem, the all access neck joint (as...
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    so, currently, in my band, i am using a marshall mg100dfx, the 100 watt combo as the head on a randall cab...im using a metal zone and my 20thrg...a few people have complained that its too grainy, specifically when i hold an octave chord past the 12th marker..and other such things..anyways, i...
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    I've officially found my new, all time favorite guitar. I've seriously never played a guitar that felt better than the Iceman. Ever. From now on, I'll be playing IC-400's almost exclusively! :D On a side note; I'm pissed at Ernie Ball! I got a pack of Slinkies with my new Iceman, took the old...
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    My band TimeLord's new album "Regeneration" will be released tomorrow via Shrapnel Records (Paul Gilbert,Marty Friedman,John 5,etc.) Overall- TimeLord's style is a mixture of speed/thrash-metal (Megadeth/Iced Earth/Coroner) and Eurometal (Blind Guardian/Gamma Ray) with some intense yet tasteful...
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    Send an email to [email protected] with the specs you would like to see in a future model. They are a great company that makes great guitars for 1/5 the price of their rivals! I sent an email with these specs: Superstrat / Soloist shape Alder body Solid color paint job (Neon...
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    Hi Selling this time a completely brand new Ibanez PGM301WH Paul Gilbert model with fixed bridge. Guitar is NEW, I get it from a trade with owner of a music store recently. I only take off the plastics from covers but some GAS attack and need to sell. Guitar was manufactured in January 07...
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    Hey there folks, first time, long time. I posted this somewhere else, here, but I think this is the place to do it. I bought a pgm 301 about a month ago, and I love it, I love playing it, I love recording with it, I love the way it looks. Live, I have always been a les paul guy, and the...
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    Mr Petrucci: to to (Present) Paul Gilbert: to to to (Present - Close enough) Anyone else up for posting some pics of the guitarists we all know and love and various points in there life?
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    DC04: PGM project 'Vine' Hello... this project is a Ibanez PGM stile body with a vine inlay on neck. I will name DC04 PGM 'Vine': specifications DC04: - Body: alder. - Neck: maple with vine inlays in color black and abalone on a maple quilted fingerboard. - Bridge: Gotoh fixed. - Tuners...