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pearloid pickguard
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    Up for grabs is a SMOKIN' 1987 Fender Strat Plus. This is a first-year model of the guitar that spawned the Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck signature models. It's in overall great shape with the exception of the usual finish nicks & dings that one would expect from a 21-year-old guitar. Just took it...
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    Hi! I have almost a full 7VWH for sale, parted out. I'm in Chile, but I have sold several items to the US and Europe with no problem. I ship thru EMS, which is trackable and will mean no customs duties if you're in the US. I have to take some pics, so I'll update this thread and/or send them to...
  3. Off-topic / Miscellaneous
    Who else out there doesn't like them. I find them ugly and only needed on front routed guitars or guitars that are boring looking.
  4. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    Just found this on a Brazilian popular auction site... Roughly translated, that's what the guy wrote: WTF ??? 8O
  5. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    After almost 3 months I got my Tele project finished. Ash 60s Tele Body Wilkinson Bridge Duncans (Tele Stack-neck Hot Rails-Bridge) Klusions USACG Neck Ebony with Paua dots, birdseye maple 22 6105 frets Compound Radius Vintage Tint Gloss Electrosocket Jack Graphite nut
  6. Classified Ads: Ibanez JEM/UV Guitars
    Hi there Description and condition: On sale my 2004 Ibanez Jem 7VWH in MINT condition. I have other Jems and other 7VWH so this one is flawless, no wear in any place and of course no dings, chips, scratches or any imperfection. 100% perfect in all aspects. You could watch the pics and also see...
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    I know it's to a Jem what the JS100 is to the JS1000. But is it a complete waste of money at any price?
  8. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    Opinions? I think it plays better than the 77FP..
  9. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    I bought this the other day and it need a little bit of work. The Bridge was tarnished but after a little polish and eblow grease it shines very nice. Frets were in good shape but need a leveling so I did that (my first time) and a good job I must say so. A little Fret Doctor on the fingerboard...
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    Just seeing what you all think. I really like the look of the new 2008 RG8470Z Red Spindel.
  11. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    does any one know if the jem77v is pretty much the same guitar as the jem 7dbk.besides the vines and body finish.
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    I really think this is my next purchase, the bolt-t (wilkinson), maple neck, 14" radius, jumbo SS frets, mist blue metallic paint, pearloid pickguard, sperzels. what do you think?
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    Thought I'd come over here to show off a few pics of my newest aquisitions, since I haven't been around much of late... I snagged a RG1527 from a guy off www.sevenstring.org last week. I'd always liked the looks of these things, but I wasn't sure what to think since everything I'd heard about...
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    Got home pissed over the Xmas period and fumbled about on the bay . I ended up buying this . Its a Warmoth Zebrawood Strat . Warmoth make great axes , but this ones like a cross between Liberace and Forest Gump . I was going to put it back through the bay . I had a dig around tonight and found...
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    I've been trying to make this for the longest time. I bought this about eight months ago. The original had a nasty crack so I had to replace the guitar. Since then, I haven't had time to work with school, work, and uncooperative weather. I finally had time. I only have to do some touch up and...
  16. Off-topic / Miscellaneous
    I have recently been wondering about Mother of Pearl, and know that it comes from Abalone, but what i don't know is that does a living creature have to be killed for it, or do the guitar companies, use shells that have been discarded by the creature ? I know I sound all hippy and stuff, but I...
  17. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    I am thinking about buying a JEM to add to my collection but am curious about a few things. How is the quality of the production JEMs compared to the ones that Vai actually plays. Does he play a special one? Also do you guys think they are reliable guitars and quality built ones also? How would...
  18. Polls
    and what are their names? And before I get a thread full of names like Mr. Winky or the Italian Stallion let me clarify that I am talking about MUSICAL instruments! ;) B.B. King has his beloved Lucille so what do you all got?
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    So i've just come back from my journey picking up a Squier Stratocaster i bought, didnt cost me much , AND its Made In Korea :D now from what i've heard, the korean squires are actually good! :D its a type of guitar i've always wanted :D a Strat with a maple fretboard (ala' yngwie malmsten XD)...
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    2001 MIM strat, purple finish, maple neck, pearloid pickguard with EMG SA pickups, ala David Gilmour. $375.00 shipped and paypaled in CONUS. Comes with a gigbag. No issues at all, guitar is in excellent condition. Pics: http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb160/Sybex23/DSCF0835.jpg...
1-20 of 195 Results