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peavey ultra plus

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    I know there are some rabid Rivera users in this forum, but does anyone have any hands-on experience with the Knucklehead? K
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    hey guys, what's up? i had a GAS attack lately and now it's with amps. i love my setup now. i have the rackmountable pod by line6...pod pro. from there i go through a BBE sonic maximizer to my mesa 50/50 power amp. anyway, i have always played crate amps and love them!! i love the tone...
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    just wanted to see what everyone has I know alot of you jemsiters have 10+ guitars. Mine will be posted as soon as my musicman gets done being painted and my Ibanez RG shows up. I have 5 Guitars On Its Way --->Ibanez Rg570FT Thanks Again Kirk Kramer Striker Heavily Modified Fender Strat Full...
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    Just thought id start a poll: I play metal/hardcore and use : Ibanez RG2027XVV (the new bitch) - not happy with the pups Esp M-207 with invader bridge and jazz neck Morley Switchless wah (not bad horsie) Marshall JMP-1 (with Boss AC-2 in fx loop) DBX DDP Alesis Quadreverb /2 Marshall EL34...
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    Due to me getting a Mesa 20/20 power amp instead of a 50/50, I have an available rack space(thanks Tom.)  Since I can't have that happening, I started thinking of what to put in.  Just so you know, here's what I'm running: Rackrider Power conditioner Mesa Triaxis ART 341 Dual 15 band eq TC...
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    I am gonna put new tubes in my Peavey Ultra Plus, it has four 6L6's and four 12AX 7's. Which tubes are better the Mesa tubes or Groove Tubes?? i hear the mesa tubes wear out faster is this true?? thanks Tommy
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    i just got a new head with an effects loop on it, before i didn't have that. i used to run my Boss pedals this way, i have a noise supressor with an effects loop in it  so here is what i did: guitar- NS input- delay- tuner- amp, then i ran my other pedals through the effects loop like this...