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    1) you do come back stronger and re-entergized after taking some time off. 2) An actual amp, in this case a Silver Nour Blues Junior FSR, can make a world of difference to your sound which creates an energy in me to play differently. With many different tones I have never been able to capture...
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    Alright Jemsite philosophers, I pose a question to you: Is it fate or chance? I'm not necessarily asking the whys since this is a very opinion based question, and without using a deity based response, I'd like to hear your opinion. (remember, let's keep this philosophical.) So I have recently...
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    g-day folks
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    Hey Guys, I want to share my new blog that touches on several aspects of philosphy. It proves to be a good read and some of you may find interesting. In my first post, I explain on how it is possible to predict the future. http://www.philosophyfeed.com/ Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results