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piezo pickups

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    Like new! I bought it just under a year ago and it's been looked after really well. It's in very near mint condition, with only one tiny dent in the clear coat above the pickguard (just a dent, not even a crack, and very small!). 3 Single coils, and the Roland VG System build in - with multiple...
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    Hey Folks, well Ive been using my RG2020 and RG2027 live for long time now and my magnetic rig has gone through more changes than I can remember. For the last two years at least Ive been running my piezo pickups through a BBE acoustimax see here ... http://www.elusivesound.com/equipment.shtml...
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    This is purely to waste time but as longtime player and appreciator of Ibanez off and on thru the years, I thought it would be fun to combine your favorite features into the ULTIMATE Ibanez. I have had Petrucci's, JEMs, JS models, USA customs and RGs. I was thinking, "what if I were to have any...
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    Could be very cool!
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    Replacing the bridge of a RG 7321? Is Piezo a possibility? Well I've always wanted a Piezo bridge in an electric but never found one. It was always acoustic or electric bass bridges with piezo pickups. But since I'm selling my 6 and sticking with the 7 string, I really really want to find a...
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    I'm putting this on jemsite as the person I'm writing about is an active user over here and I want to prevent things like this in the future My friend Vova from Ukraine was looking for a J-Custom 7CST. He put some add here and there and guy wrote to him.... the problem is that he was sending...
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    Hi, I'm looking for a JP6 or 7 with Piezo Pickups in good condition. If you've got something, PM or mail me! Thanks, Mikel
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    Hi there, I'd like to buy a JP6 with Piezo pickups. Color doesn't matter, D-sonic would be nice. PM me if you got something for me ;) Regards, Mikel
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    I have been through a few Ibanez guitars so far and tried various others. The best Ibanez I had was a Jem 77FP but I must admit that I believe you end up paying that little bit extra for the Vai tag. I been doing heaps of research from quality guitarists who have been there and done that, I...
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    and why do some people seem to hate them so much?
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    ...what would it be? What would it look like? Hardware? Colours? Photoshops are a must in this thread. Cheers.
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    I just bought a Gibson Dobro Resonator guitar. It's electrified and the jack is at the base of the body. (Where your strap would hook into.) Anyway, I have a Fender Blues Jr tube amp and an Ibanez Tube Screamer pedal. I plug my other electric guitars into the pedal. Then the pedal into the...
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    Right, please don't kill me.... I've decided on a Breed in the bridge position. What neck pickup would suit this? Guitar: RG1570 basswood. Music style/preference: Satch, Vai, Gilbert, no death metal etc. I already have Paf Pros in my Jem, so don't really want them for my RG. Curious to...
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    What is going to be your next guitar acquistion? I plan on it being a PMC, GMC, PRS, LP, or an American Srat. It depends on the best deal available at that time with how much I have to spend.
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    Pretty straight forward here, a very nearly mint 1995 Parker Fly Deluxe in Ruby red with the original gig bag and trem arm. I just got this recently from the original owner, but would rather have an Anderson so out she goes! The story is the original owner is (or was) a friend of Ken Parker's...
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    Hi there, it's time to unveil my latest and very successful project. A JS/Radius body made from mahogany and spalted maple, the shape taken from my 1992 JS1BK, with a Prestige Saber neck and a Double EDGE bridge. Check it out!
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    http://www.ibanez.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=1959&PN=0&TPN=1 Amazingly beautiful, but the piezo is crazy! I guess they were lazy to do it right.
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    from the Institue for Noise forums (line6 forum) http://www.instituteofnoise.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=23343 Awesome is all I can say, the chrome top is mind numbing..
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    Was wondering if someone who owns it could maybe send me some sound samples of the les paul neck pick up with lead tone and les paul bridge with some crunchy rhythm tone. And then the acoustic tones.. I seen the website and to be honest I rather hear it from a recording of someone not using...
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    I think that's the model. It's the all mahogany body with the piezo pickups in the lo-pro edge. The neck on this thing is pretty chunky. there would be no harm in sanding it down to a Wizard type profile, would there? thanks.